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How Can You Prepare for Solar Panel Installation in Rio Rancho, NM

Being one of the sunniest cities in New Mexico, Rio Rancho has the Direct Normal Irradiance or DNI of 7.39. It means the city has ample sunlight to generate solar energy for keeping your home bright and comfortable.

More than 400 houses in Rio Rancho, NM, have already embraced solar power while many others are considering it. If you are also in the market for solar panel installation in Rio Rancho NM here are a few steps to make the process easier and straightforward.

Solar panel installation in Rio Rancho NM

Inspection of the Property

Solar panel installation is a custom and specialized job. The installer considers not only the landscaping and architecture of your home but also your daily energy requirements. It starts with an evaluation of the electrical status of your home and its compatibility with the solar energy system.

The engineers will also inspect the conditions of your roof to ensure that it’s structurally strong to hold the panels. The installers inspect the property to consider the angle of roof, shading, and system size before signing the contract. But, the precise measurements and evaluations take place once you finalize the contract.

Completing the Paperwork

Whether you go for a residential installation or commercial solar system, you need permits from the Building Inspection Division of Rio Rancho. Since March 2017, all solar contractors have to submit a Notice of Technical Screening Review and PNM Notice of Complete to state the size and type of system to be installed.

Apart from this, the property owners also have to apply for solar incentives from the state and federal governments. Then, there are building permits and other requirements to meet. Look for an installer that can help you to fill out the complete paperwork and get the necessary permits for your project.

Choosing the Right Type of Panels

The selection of the solar panel depends on your energy requirements and budget. The company will give you quotes for different types of panels and create a design plan around the one you choose.

On average, a Rio Rancho home needs 615 kWh of electricity every month. You need a solar panel system of 3.90 kW to generate 100% of this electricity. Also, the city has a minimal amount of seasonal variation in the generation of solar power. The peak months produce 143% more electricity than the dark winter months.

Depending on these figures, choose solar panels that provide durability and efficiency that you need.

Evaluate the Cost of Installation

The average cost of solar panel installation in Rio Rancho, NM, goes up to $3.36 per watt. So, if you choose a panel system of 5 kW, it may cost you anywhere between $14,280 and $19,320, based on other factors. But, if you account for a federal investment tax credit of 26%, the net price of installation will be much lower.

Solar panels, typically, last for 25 years. Ask your installer to give a complete breakup of costs and savings before comparing these quotes with other installers in your area. Keep these things in mind to prepare well for the installation of a solar power system in your home.

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