How Can Cloud Computing Turn You into a Telecommuting CEO

The life of any CEO can be a whirlwind of business trips, client meetings, and business workshops. The time away from the office can often turn into a time of non-productivity. Many CEOs combat this problem by telecommuting, and a small business CEO can often benefit from telecommuting.

Telecommuting can save you money on the commute into the office, and save your business money on office maintenance.

But Won’t I Lose Access To My Files?

The problem that ensues, however, is access to important corporate documents while away from the physical office. According to Ron Markezich, “businesses around the world are seeing telework as a necessity,” but how does a small business CEO stay productive when access to important data is non-existent except when in the office?

The answer to this problem lies in the cloud. Cloud computing solutions allow access to documents, spreadsheets, databases, and other important corporate information. A telecommuting CEO of a company with an excellent cloud computing solution has access to everything that he or she could access from the physical office, even files from the office computer, often at speeds the same as if he or she were in the office.

With access to all of the company’s resources, the CEO is no longer bound to the office to remain fully productive. With the company’s resources housed in the cloud, the CEO can access everything at a moment’s notice, from profit and loss statements to the corporate letterhead. All that is required is a laptop computer and Wi-Fi Internet access.

What Do I Need?

There are three important tools needed to turn an office-bound CEO into a telecommuting CEO:

  • A cloud computing solution is the first necessity. The CEO and IT department should collaborate to select or develop a cloud solution that will give the CEO access to everything needed while on the road or otherwise away from the physical office. This should include any files saved to the CEO’s office computer, of course.
  • A laptop computer, loaded with all of the required software, is the next necessity. Often, though, the software might come from the cloud, as well, as part of a Software as a Service (SaaS) package. SaaS allows the company to “lease” virtual licenses for business and productivity software, often at less expense than it would cost to purchase the licenses.
  • A Wi-Fi hotspot is usually easy to find, since major coffee shop franchises and fast food restaurants often have free wireless Internet. However, what about the CEO who ventures beyond the beaten path of free Wi-Fi access? If this sounds like you, then the answer might lie in a mobile cellular hotspot, or a smartphone that is capable of creating a personal hotspot. The only important part here is access to the Internet, since that is where the Cloud exists.

So, Why Not Telecommute?

With those three components, the CEO is ready to become a telecommuting CEO. The only question that might remain is whether these efforts are worth it. However, it has been recognized that there are a number of distinct benefits of telecommuting, which include improved productivity, more flexibility in scheduling, increased time available for work, and the ability to continue working even when suffering from a minor illness.

With a comprehensive cloud computing solution, these benefits can be realized easily and just as productively as if the CEO was actually in the physical corporate offices.


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