How Asking For Help Can Build Your Small Business

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In this big world out there, many business owners are taught to never ask for help as this is considered a “hand out”. For some reason, society wants to look down on those who have the courage to say “I can’t do it all”, and not everything can be done by one person. We’re human after all. Rejecting help tends to be something that can vastly hold you back. Even the biggest business owners knew to ask for help, you don’t get where you are by doing everything yourself. It’s going to take a team, a helpful community, and the right services to get your business where you’re hoping to be.

If you’re someone who refuses to ask for their business, even when they know they need it for the sake of pride or for the sake of fear of coming off as weak, just take a step back. How can doing things only for yourself benefit you? This post is going to tell you about all the benefits you and your business can receive by just opening up and allowing people to help you out. You and your business can get very far and scale with the help of others.

It can energize you

Having this team, this community to cheer you on and support you every step of the way is truly invigorating! This amount of push and support could be just what you needed in order to really take your business to the next level. Not to mention the amount of energy you’ll have. You’ll receive this major push of energy thanks to the support you’re getting, but a massive weight will be lifted off your shoulders. You’ll know that you won’t need to do everything yourself. There will be more time and energy to take care of other things as your support system is there helping you out with all of these obstacles.

It gives you the chance to reflect

Everyone has their own weaknesses, sometimes it shouldn’t be considered a weakness. If you lack the knowledge and expertise in something such as law and you’re needing a business lawyer, is this really a weakness? No, of course not! You’re only human, you can’t do everything and you need to be open to other people and their expertise. You have your own expertise and there are services out there with their own expertise to help out business owners like you. Lacking certain knowledge, skills, degrees, certifications, or background doesn’t make you weak and it doesn’t make you lack anything. Instead, it gives you the opportunity to reflect on what’s lacking so you can hire an expert for help.

It gives you the chance to learn

You should never stop learning, always be open to learning more. One great way to continue this would be to accept help and even learn from the experience. It gives you the chance to learn about the help that you’re receiving such as what the hired help is doing and how they’re doing it. There’s always someone in a similar experience to you. It eventually gives you the chance to help a fellow business owner out who’s needing help.

You’ll feel better

The idea of knowing that if you make any mistakes or come across any hurdles that are too difficult to cross, is something that can make a world of a difference. You’re going to feel so much better knowing that there is going to be help there for you whenever you’re needing it. It’s going to enhance your senses and give you this push that you need.

It gives you the opportunity to expand your network

You should always be open to expanding your network. The beauty of having a network is the fact that someone in this network can help you out or you can help someone else out. Expanding your network will help you with finding and reaching out to like-minded business owners like yourself. Networking can be great for getting certain deals, discounts, advice, and a vast amount of knowledge from other business owners and professionals within your industry. This can even include when you’re trying to streamline your business process, it can help a lot.

Confidence will grow

Your confidence will grow, and accepting help from others will allow their confidence to grow as well.

The gift of giving

Once you’re able to be more open about receiving help from others, you’re going to be open and happy about opportunities to help out other business owners. It’s the gift that just keeps on giving, so don’t be afraid to start paying it forward.

You’ll gain a whole new perspective

Just like opening up and accepting help from others will allow you to learn more, it’s also going to give you an entirely new perspective. You’ll be able to have a whole new point of view. This is something that will benefit you, your clients, and other business owners that you choose to help.

Where to find help

Getting help for your business can come in many forms, it could be hiring an employee, outsourcing work to a freelancer, paying a professional for assistance, but it can even just be directly asking for help from someone. If you’re ever active on social media such as Facebook Groups or LinkedIn, you’ll see other business owners often asking for advice. 

The same can be said for certain forums as well such as Reddit. There are plenty of entrepreneur-related forums and groups where people converse whether it be asking for advice, getting tips, paying for services and so much more. A few other practical ways to reach out for help can include:

  • Asking customers for honest feedback, such as conducting a survey
  • Asking your family members or friends for help such as their insight
  • Getting a mentor
  • Being a part of a community
  • Being open to consulting
  • Hiring someone

These are all excellent ways to help take your business to the very next level. Just know that there isn’t anything wrong or shameful with asking for help. It’s something that should be fully embraced as it’s something that all successful business owners partake in.

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