How an International Number Can Help you Reach a New Audience

Sometimes, in business, “enough” turns out to be… well, not quite enough after all. A good case in point could be your firm’s phone number. Sure, the business might already have a phone number which works well enough; it might even be your personal number. Still, is that really “enough”?

Closer scrutiny of that number’s power in drawing both new and repeat customers could reveal that… well, no, it isn’t. Here’s why the right number can be crucial for global audiences especially…

You can better protect your privacy

If you have only recently set up your business, you probably hope that your prospective customers see it as a much larger and more professionally-run operation than, right now, it actually is.

For example, you’d probably be happy for them not to know that you run the business from your bedroom rather than a well-equipped, dedicated office. It’s no small boon, then, that advertising an international number in place of your personal one could more effectively safeguard your privacy.

Your business can come across as truly global

As well as noting how sourcing a dedicated number for your business can protect your personal private number, Small Business Trends says that it could help you foster a more professional image.

However, on top of all of that, a number recognizably international could encourage overseas customers who, otherwise, might have feared that you wouldn’t be able to meet their needs. For example, they could have feared lengthy delivery times or expensive postal charges.

Overseas customers can call you for free

For customers based abroad, another deterrent to calling a business like yours could be the expected cost of doing so. However, it’s possible to enact what is known as an international toll-free number, or ITF. This would let the customers call you at no charge.

Let’s assume that your business is UK-based. You could get this kind of number from the national telecoms firm Planet Numbers – and, to your target market, promote that number as toll-free.

You can pick up a number local to an overseas market

Whereas an ITF sourced from Planet Numbers would typically be prefixed 1800 or 0800, an international virtual phone number from the same company can look more convincingly local. Here, “local” refers to the area you would like to target – like Paris, Sydney or elsewhere.

However, even with one of these virtual numbers, the call would still be automatically sent to a UK phone number that you have chosen. It all adds up to increased comfort for both sides.

You could even attract local companies abroad

Marketing Donut reveals that getting up to speed in an unfamiliar market can be easier when you work with partners already based there. These partners could vet your marketing materials to verify that they should genuinely appeal to your new target customers.

Therefore, once you have an international number in place, don’t be afraid to share it with local companies that might be willing to extend a helping hand – or several.

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