Hackers and Burglars Beware: Protecting Your Business in Person and Online

There are many risks when it comes to people stealing from your business. In order to fully keep on top of the problem, a multi-dimensional approach that protects all areas of your company (both physically and online) minimizes your chances of being affected. As a business owner, security is something that needs to be taken very seriously. Here are ways you should be protecting your business in person and online.


What Are The Risks

As well as the obvious monetary loss when property is stolen, if sensitive details are taken it’s a huge problem. Criminals use these details to rinse bank accounts or identity theft, and if your business is what allowed that to happen, you will be liable. Massive lawsuits could lead to bankruptcy and the end of your business. For this reason, it’s important to be extra vigilant.



Online theft is just as much of a problem as physical theft- if not, more so. Hackers can take advantage of vulnerabilities and get access to all kinds of details that put your company and customers at risk. One of the first things you should consider doing is backing up to the cloud. This means information isn’t stored on physical machines, and instead is encrypted and backed up to cloud-based servers. This gives you additional protection, and even if a computer is stolen, the thief can’t get access to the information on it. Another thing you could do is use a VPN or ‘virtual private network.’ This allows you to create a secure connection to another network online, they are already used extensively in business due to the security benefits they offer. You may also want to look into some mobile security solutions. This can ensure all your company mobile phones are secure, meaning you’ll never have to worry about your security again. Sites like https://www.vpnsrus.com/what-is-a-vpn/ have more information if you need to find out more. Strong passwords are another way to keep out those trying to gain access. A good mixture of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation will make it almost impossible to crack.


In The Office

Many burglars target offices as they know there’s generally a lot of expensive equipment for the taking. Computers, phones, printers, tablets and other high-value items. Having everything insured is your first job, that way at least if you are targeted you’re not out of pocket. Next, a high-quality security system. Make sure the alarm is set every evening if it goes off it’s sure to send a burglar right on their way. If your business is a shop or you’re an office on a lower floor of a building, having shutters or security grills on the windows that you can pull over and lock at the end of each day is worthwhile- especially if you’re in a higher crime area or particularly at risk. If your business takes cash, it’s important to make sure this is stored in a safe which is hidden and securely bolted down. Hire a cash collection company to take money to the bank regularly, leaving it sat in your office even if it’s secure makes your business extra vulnerable.



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