Hack Attack! The Warning Signs of an IT Breach Your Business

If by now, you still aren’t aware of the importance of cybersecurity these days, then the chances are this article won’t save you. As a business owner, there are no excuses for taking your online security seriously – it’s just a part of the modern business world that everyone has to deal with.

But even when you have set up firewalls, had everyone sign off your IT security policy, and made sure everyone is using robust passwords, the reality is that a hacker could still target you. With this in mind, today, we’re going to take a look at some of the biggest warning signs that could be signalling your business is under such a hack attack. Let’s get started right away.

Spam emails being sent

First of all, if you are getting – or sending – any spam emails, the chances are you have been the victim of a hacker. Any email sent from a work computer or email address that includes spam is going to cause you problems, and it’s essential to find out what happened. Make sure that everyone affected changes their email passwords, and get your IT department to run full scans and anti-malware software to find the offending item.

Slow Internet networks and increased activity

A slow Internet connection happens to everyone every now and again, of course. But if the problems persist – and are joined by an increase in network activity – it’s a sure sign someone has infiltrated your business. You’ll find your connections slow to a snail’s pace, and both internal and external resources linked to your system will stop performing as they should. Again, you’ll need to get that IT team to remove any unusual programs from the system and run a deep clean scan to clear up any hacking attempts.

Abnormal behavior

Random popups on your computer screen, redirected Internet searches, online passwords not working – all these are common signs that something is up with your Internet. But, as Singularity Networks point out, not all hacking issues will be visible at all. To make sure that no bad guys are targeting your company, make sure you have robust system security that covers your entire network and keeps you updated with potential problems at all times.

Large files on your network

If you’re not worried about corporate espionage, you should be. The truth is that every business has its rivals, and certain people will go to great lengths to find out what you are doing. And there have been some extreme examples of rivals hacking into computer systems and recording audio or video remotely of boardroom or business meetings. So, if you notice large files appearing on your computer – especially after an important boardroom discussion, there’s a good chance someone has been listening in. And you shouldn’t just get your IT experts to fix it – you should also call the police and your lawyer.

Okay, so there you have it – four clear signs that your system might have been hacked. As a business owner, the impact of hacking can be enormous. Not only will you lose productivity and company secrets, but you also run the risk of losing your customers’ most sensitive information. Keep it locked down! 

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