Growing Pains: 4 Signs That Confirm your Business Needs to Create an HR Department

Just starting out, you may think you have your business under control. You think you can handle any issue that arises. It’s a nice thought, but you soon learn how challenging this can be.

When you start hiring employees, it usually isn’t soon after that things start to become troublesome. You soon find yourself taking on more roles than you signed up for. This can quickly result in lost customers and decreased revenue.

It’s at this point you realize it’s time to bring in Human Resources. A few employees may be manageable on their own, but the more you grow, the more crucial it becomes to have reliable HR.

If you aren’t sure whether you need HR, read on to see if these four signs relate to you. You may be surprised that you need an HR department badly.

Growing Pains: 4 Signs That Confirm your Business Needs to Create an HR Department

1) Too Many Employees to Manage

The general rule of thumb is 50 employees. If you have this many, it’s well enough time that you invested in an HR department. As a matter of fact, there are certain laws that say you must have HR by the time you reach this number of workers.

If you need help choosing the right candidates for your openings, you might want to take the Myers Briggs test for free. It will open your eyes on things related to this area.

2) All You Do Is Mediate 

If you find that more often than not you are mediating between employees, it’s high time you looked into HR. If little spats are hindering your performance as a business owner, you can no longer afford to go without HR.

They will handle these trivial matters as well as much bigger ones. If you’ve been running a business for the time at all, you know how quickly and often problems come around. A good HR rep will keep you in the know of any issues going on behind the scenes. 

3) You Have a Hard Time Hiring People

Hiring crew takes time, patience, and dedication. If you are on the rise, it can be especially hard to keep up with this process. 

Having an HR department will benefit you greatly when it comes to hiring. They can handle things you no longer have the time for, enabling you to focus more on the business and sales side.

They will also keep track of important employee paperwork that can easily become overwhelming to you.

4) You Research Labor Laws Often 

This is important to watch for. If most of your time is spent searching local labor laws, chances are you are in desperate need of an HR department. 

While it’s good to know a few local laws, it shouldn’t be your job to try and keep track of the many laws. They can often change, making the need for HR even more important. 


If you find yourself falling under any of the above categories, you need to look into getting an HR department immediately. You will be glad that you did. Your stress will quickly reduce, and you’ll be able to get back to other parts of your business.

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