Great Small Business Ideas and Careers for Sports Lovers

Great Small Business Ideas and Careers for Sports Lovers

Valuable training materials for athletes can be found at most sporting goods stores

Sports culture is one that can be felt in all corners of the world, even by fans who don’t share love for the same teams or players. The most dedicated of followers long to fill their lives with sports, in every way imaginable, even when it comes to their jobs. However, the odds of becoming the next Lionel Messi or Serena Williams are quite low, and unexpected accidents or injuries often hinder potential star athletes from further pursuing professional careers in sports.

The good news is that you don’t actually have to make it as Lebron James or Tom Brady in order to enter the sports world for life. In fact, there are dozens of business opportunities that can put fans and athletes front and center to the action without them ever having to play in a single game. If you’ve been looking for inspiration to drive your entrepreneurial sports spirit, look no further than the list below.

Sports retail store

If you’re a sports lover who sees a gap in the market in your town or city, a great way to make a name for yourself in the industry is by opening up a sporting goods store. These retail businesses are great driving forces in the sports world, providing both athletes and coaches with all the best material they need to train and perform well. As the manager, you’ll be in touch with local events in the community where your supplies are needed as well as advise interested customers on the best products for their needs.

Perhaps you’re more interested in baseball and could see yourself opening a shop that sells specialty bats and gloves. Or maybe you’re passionate about all sports and want to start a small business that brings all types of gear and equipment together in a one-stop-shop. Just think about your target audience before jumping in, as a snowboarding supply store in the middle of Florida may not do too well.

Online sports betting industry

An industry that has seen exponential growth specifically within the past few years, sports betting in the 21st century is becoming largely digitalized, attracting millions of fans to participate in the sector’s around-the-clock services. For passionate sports followers, this is an ideal business to get into, especially if you have a lot of knowledge surrounding one or several sports like horse racing or football. Nowadays there are hundreds of platforms across the web that allow users to place wagers depending on state jurisdictions.

One way to begin is by reading up on existing sites that have been successful with their users. Since there is a world of information on the net today, fans can browse through plenty of platform reviews and use them as resources to know what to do and what not to do when starting their virtual sports betting business. For example, the DraftKings Sportsbook Review informs potential customers of the U.S. based site’s pros and cons so that users know how the platform functions before signing up. If you have a sport you are very passionate about and want to start you own wagering site for that league, see how the major movers and shakers in the industry are already doing it before diving in.

Sports agency/marketing

If you really want to get up close and personal with professional athletes, opening up a sports agency or PR firm whose goal is to represent talent in the sports world may be the perfect fit for you. Even if you reside in a smaller town, agents are often needed to work with incredibly gifted high school and college players on their track to stardom. This field is great for the person highly dedicated and interested in sports, but also for someone who knows how to communicate and get their ideas across well. Who knows, maybe one day an athlete you represent could turn into one of the most successful stars in sports. If so, you would have had a big hand in that process.

Sports restaurant

Do you want to be where the fans are? If so, the best small business for you is undoubtedly owning and managing a popular sports restaurant. You know, the places where crowds of enthusiastic followers gather in huge groups and cheer on their favorite teams and players surrounded by buffalo wings and veggie platters. Model your new joint after some of the best in the world with large flat screen T.V.’s and the best selection of finger food imaginable and it’ll be an instant success.

Your restaurant will be the hot spot for all things sports viewing and you’ll get a front row seat to the action as the owner. If you’ve played sports in the past, adorn the inside with your old team photos and trophies so that your customers can get to know you a bit. After all, the best restaurants are those that allow their visitors to have a unique and personal experience with the food and staff.

Restaurants where fans can eat while watching their game on a selection of flat screens are ideal locations for sports lovers

Restaurants where fans can eat while watching their game on a selection of flat screens are ideal locations for sports lovers

Sports physical therapy

It’s quite common for athletes, professional and amateur, to suffer accidental injuries that take them out for the season, and sometimes for the rest of their careers. That’s why great physical therapists are always needed in the sports industry. This job will allow you to work with individuals or entire teams towards their goals. And physical therapists don’t just aid in recovery, but also in maintaining the physical body of athletes so that they are equipped to perform at the highest level. Most professional leagues have their own PT who works long hours and even travels with the team. However, if you’re interested in starting a smaller private practice, there is still extremely high demand. Although this career may require you to study for several years, it will be worth it in the long run knowing that every day you are helping athletes to be the best they can be.

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