Great Choice of Vape Pens and Magic Shrooms in Canada

How to receive a marijuana smoking effect and avoid such results as cough and throat irritation? Lady Jane Express offers two options at once. Try vape pens and magic shrooms to feel the influence on your organism, which is similar to the traditional cannabis consumption effect. However, be ready for good taste and pleasant flavor, which are unusual for standard smoking pipes.

It is convenient that you can buy cannabis vape pen Canada and magic mushrooms online on the official Lady Jane website. You can familiarize yourself with all assortment, order anything you need, and receive fast and reliable delivery.

Magic Mushrooms by Lady Jane Express

Magic mushrooms are considered to be great alternatives to cannabis products. Lady Jane Express offers two types of magic mushrooms: shrooms in their natural form and mushroom edibles for sale.

The category of mushrooms edibles includes such positions as:

  • Chokolate
  • Jellies
  • Cookies
  • Tea

Edibles with added shrooms are quite new products on the market; though, they are already a trend. Their popularity is explained by the convenience of shrooms dose and better taste of the product.

Vape Pens by Lady Jane Express

Vape pens are considered updated smoking pipes. The use of vape pens is a new improved method of cannabis consumption, which implies the absorption of cannabinoids and terpenes vapor, not smoke.

The point is that vape pens do not burn the substance. They just heat it to a certain temperature, which transforms cannabis elements into vapor.

Lady Jane Express carries cannabis and vape pens. In addition, the company provides the possibility to order disposable and reusable vape pens.

Moreover, at the online shop, you can find everything you need to handle a vape pen. For example, there is THC distillate oil, shatter oil, CBD products, syringes, etc. The company has also prepared an instruction for vape pen users.

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