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Running a live event has a great buzz that comes with it. From a conference to a corporate event or a comedy night. Although behind the scenes there is a lot of effort to get the event up and running. When you work in events planning, or you are running a business in events, have a look at these pointers to make sure that your live event goals as smooth as possible.

Get Your Marketing Campaign Up and Running

When it comes to getting an audience for a live show, the marketing is the core element. If you don’t have a popular enough product, you need to make sure that what you are getting across is marketed as best as it can be. If you are running a local event, you need to advertise via social media. And, depending on your event, for example, if it is a regular event in the same venue, like speed dating, you will need to keep the interest up. A big launch event or first night can be followed by a decrease in popularity as the interest may wane.

While a lot of businesses market their campaign on the Internet, you should never underestimate the power of a local audience. Being able to canvas interest on a local level, such as actually going out and speaking to people one on one, will give your event a more personalized approach.

Another way to market your event and to gain momentum is to have a sponsor. If you are working on a local level, you can find local companies that will offer you sponsorship because this is a great way for them to get more exposure.

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Assembling the Live Crew

So you manage to market the event, locate the perfect venue and it is sold out. Congratulations!  But the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to making a live event operate perfectly is the staff or crew. These people have to work behind the scenes to keep everything going. If you are running a live event, the best way to get the most out of your crew is to assign duties individually. In doing this, it gives a sense of cohesion, and everyone is working together to get the overall task completed. The best tool is always communication. If you’re running a comedy night, or any events that involve speakers, assign one person to keep an eye on the running order of the night. This will help ensure that there are no lulls in the event.

When it comes to organizing events like trade shows, you need the adequate front of house staff members. They are your representatives for live events, and they will be the ones the public will speak to. Stationing booths (which can be provided by external companies, such as turnkey services) or specific locations for staff to be at should there be any questions from the public is a good strategy normally.


Running a live event consists of many moving parts, all needing to work concurrently to make sure that it goes off without a hitch. If it is successful, then there are many positive repercussions for your business down the line!

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