From Landfill to Luxury: Improve the View from Your Office Window

There you are, stranded in your office, handcuffed to your keyboard, a mountain of paperwork to your left and a thousand discarded coffee cups to your right. Stuck behind your desk for at least the next couple of hours, your only solace is the view outside your window.

But even that’s a bit rubbish.

There’s a coarse gravel car park, a tramp scratching himself next to a broken lamppost, a browning patch of grass and a fence that’s been kicked in, probably by the tramp. Not exactly breath-taking scenery, is it?

But the view isn’t only bad for your morale – just imagine what a client would think if they saw it? They’d probably assume they were visiting the set of The Wire and head rapidly in the opposite direction.

So, what can you do to turn that nightmare view into something a bit more luscious?

Give your grounds a going over

You know that browning patch of grass? What if you could transform it into a wondrous stretch of green akin to a national park or nature resort?

While those great outdoors might not seem so great, hire a professional and trusted grounds maintenance team to give it a good going over for greenery that will look classier than a country estate.

Naturally, you’ll have to find a company with good credentials if you want grounds to admire. So search long and hard and the view out of your window will improve immeasurably.

Mind your bush

While you might have hired a top-notch groundskeeper, little beats having your say on the type of flora and foliage you want to see on your premises.

Whether you’re hell-bent on hydrangeas or barmy about bushes, personalisation makes a premises shine, and will help get you away from that soulless corporate look suffered by most businesses.

Keep it clean

Do you get outside your office building, throw your final cup of coffee on the ground and just assume that someone else will clean it up? Then you’re part of the reason for your rubbish view!

But here’s a tip that will improve worker morale and give you a better, and healthier, work perimeter – every week, try out a community initiative of litter picking around your workplace. While it might put some people off, it could also give your employees a sense of self-worth away from excel spreadsheets and word documents.

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