First Impressions: 4 Ways To Start On The Good Side Of Your Leads

When your career is in sales, you know how valuable leads are to growing your business and having a steady stream of customers. But like anything else in life, first impressions can go a long way in either helping your close the deal or moving on to your next customer. Since you never get a second chance to make a first impression in the business world, here are four ways you can get off to a good start with your leads.

Listen to the Customer

When you get a sales lead and want to get off to a good start, always pay attention to your customer from the very beginning. Ask follow-up questions as needed, since this demonstrates you are listening to the details. This will make it obvious that you want to have clear communication throughout your conversation.

Know Your Product or Service

Whatever product or service you are offering to customers, always know all aspects of it prior to meeting with your customer. If a customer asks you a question that you cannot answer in a confident manner, you will have little chance of closing the sale. By doing your homework beforehand and being fully prepared for your meeting, you can establish a favorable impression with your customer. And don’t be afraid to let the customer know when you aren’t sure about something. Follow up with a commitment to learn more about their question and you’ll appear natural and relatable.

Use Unique Advertising

If you want to attract plenty of leads as well as make a good impression along the way, use unique forms of advertising. For example, while many businesses rely solely on social media for advertising today, you could try custom wholesale yard signs. Having a different kind of advertising is more likely to get you noticed. Make sure that your signs have a unique slogan, impressive graphics, and easy-to-understand product and contact information. By placing signs across your town or city, you will generate more leads than you ever expected.

Beware of Body Language

When you meet with a potential customer, your body language will play a large role in determining your success or failure at the meeting. To come out a winner after meeting with your sales lead, be warm and gracious, but don’t overdo it. Also, never sit with your arms crossed during the meeting, since this is always construed as a defensive posture by other individuals. Since at least 90% of all communication is nonverbal, use your body language to your advantage. Show that you are their friend.

It takes a large amount of work to generate sales leads. Some say lead generation is the hardest part. So remember to keep these tips in mind when trying to make a great first impression. If you do, your sales and profits will begin to soar.

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  1. Great advice! Definitely agree, it’s super important to know the product you are selling well! Thanks

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