Finding a Web Hosting Service for Your Business

web-marketing-smlSo you have decided to take your business online. The first thing you need to find is web hosting services. Web hosting services are the storage center for your website. Knowing what kind of hosting to choose will determine the server speed, reliability, storage capacity, or control.

Types of Web Hosting

There are several types of web hosting available such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting, free hosting, collocated hosting, VPS hosting, and reseller hosting. Knowing what to choose for your business will depend on your websites needs, what kind of server your business has, and your budget. Shared hosting is when several websites share the same server. Shared hosting is more affordable because the costs of operating are split among all businesses involved. The downside to shared hosting is that you are sharing the space on the server with all of those same businesses. This can sometimes make things run slower. Dedicated hosting is when you have the entire server dedicated to just your business.

This can be more costly because you are not sharing the costs with anyone. The upsides are things run faster and there is more security for your website. Free hosting is more affordable but can have some downsides. While it is budget friendly it runs very slow, it will have advertising banners added to your website, and your website may be down a lot. Collocated hosting is when you purchase the server yourself, but it is kept at a hosting company’s facility. The upside is that you have full control of your server; the downside is that you are the only one responsible for the server. VPS hosting is when you are on the server with other business, like shared hosting but with fewer businesses. This is user-friendly and budget-friendly. Reseller hosting is usually used by people with multiple websites. It is easier to control and manage all your websites with one control panel.

Web hosting is the service of getting your website to anyone that visits your websites; it puts your web address on the World Wide Web. You can host your own website, but it is much better to hire a web hosting service that can store your website on servers that are faster and have faster connections. Few people realize that when you type in a website address your computer is connecting to another computer then that computer sends files to your browser which then shows up as the web page. Many people do not completely understand just how the internet works, so when you are trying to get your business out there go to someone who knows what they are doing. A professional web hosting service will be able to help you choose what web hosting service will fit the needs of your company.

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