Entrepreneurial Advice: How to Kick Start Your Startup


How do you fancy handing in your resignation and beginning your own business? You’re not alone.

Entrepreneurs the world over are throwing off the corporate shackles in a bid to control their own destiny and get their startup off the ground.

Today, compared to last year in the UK, more young entrepreneurs are setting up their own firm, with nearly twice as many people aged between 18 and 30 putting the capitalist wheels in motion.

However, despite the welcome news around the sheer number of folk beginning their own business, the reality is a huge majority of these companies will fail to make it past their fourth year.

Why? Well, this is where it gets complicated.

According to recent findings, there are numerous factors at play, including a lack of funding, a lackadaisical attitude towards efficiency and the free market phasing out of items or services.

The industry you’re involved in can also be an issue, with finance, insurance and real estate typically the most successful. Retail and construction, conversely, are not such successful ventures.

Regardless of the area you’re looking to make headway in, it’s important you’re armed with the best startup advice before you type up your resignation letter.

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Do What You Love

Considering the blood, sweat and tears you’ll be shovelling into your business, it’s vital you’re working in area you actually enjoy. Someone much more eloquent than you or I once said: “Find a job you love and you will never work another day in your life.” It’s great advice and certainly food for thought as you begin to bring your idea to fruition.

Space Is Everything

If you have visions of a warehouse brimming with stock or an office teeming with people, it’s important you make optimal use of your potential new premises. However, if the property you have eyes on is within budget but lacking space, it’s useful to check out mezzanine floor designs before signing up to maximise what you have and ensure you’re well prepared for future world domination!

Know Your Market

One of the first things you should understand when starting a business is who your ideal customer or client is. Can’t answer it? Off you go to think about it. For the rest of you, your demographic will help you plan how to market your business and make sure that, by the time you’re ready to swing open the doors, they know what you’re about and be more than willing to buy from you.

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