Engineering the Right Perception for your Business

It happens all too frequently that someone starts up a promising new venture but they don’t get (or keep) customers. “You never get a second chance to make a great first impression.” Your idea may be innovative but how you’re perceived can make or break any business, as whatever the customer sees and experiences will reflect on you.


Your head office doesn’t have to be downtown or in a fancy suite but it does need to be in excellent decorative order, well organised and clean. You don’t have to hire an interior designer; check out business magazines to get ideas. The colours need to be neutral, without being clinical. Beige can say boring and light blue can be cold, so opt for pale green (soothing) or pale yellow (warm).  Everything should look like it belongs and flows, so cast-off, mismatched furniture won’t do. If you can’t afford new, there are second-hand office furniture companies. Hire a cleaner and make a list of what needs doing. Customers will notice a dirty carpet and cup rings on the table.

Signage and Marketing Materials

Wherever you’re located, you need customers to know you’re there, so it’s essential to have excellent, clearly visible signage and/or banner outside. You may be handy with Photoshop but unless your business is graphic art, use a logo designer and printing firm. The latter’s equipment will be far superior to what you’ll have, in addition to which they’ll be able to give you advice. To find out more about printing options for marketing materials, visit Aura Print. Anything on display or given to customers should assure them that you are capable and professional. Remember that cheap is never cheerful, when it comes to first impressions.

Tell Them What You’re About

As soon as the customer walks through the door, it should be clear what your business is all about, together with its aims. Why not have a mission statement framed in a prominent position, together with a brief list of the types of goods and/or services you provide, with samples if appropriate. Have an iPad loaded with examples of what you’re offering, so that the customer can flick through at their leisure. Include any genuine testimonials.

The ideas discussed above are easily realised and while some initial investment is required, you should recoup this several times over, through the excellent first impression your business will make.

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