Design A Conference Room for Productivity and Success

Your conference room can have a major impact on the success and productivity of your business meetings. Serving as a common area for clients, staff, and other necessary parties to get together, the space and how it’s occupied can have a lasting impression on visitors. Therefore, it is vital that you design a room that reflects your brand, meets the client needs and allows staff to conduct meetings in an efficient manner. Below is a look at some conference room design ideas that you can try:

Filling Up the Room

In order to fully equip your conference room, you should have a full understanding of what the room will be used for and what furniture, devices, and equipment will be necessary to conduct meetings both with staff and clients.

  • Furniture

When it comes to furniture, for example, you’ll want comfortable office chairs, but do they also need to have other special features? If your meetings often include presentations on the big screen, you might prefer swivel chairs to stationary seating. Do you prefer to have a standard long boardroom table, or would it be more cohesive to skip the table and opt for comfortable seating to foster more creativity and collaborations?

  • Power Access

Most meetings involve the use of some form of technology. Not to mention, everyone’s always got some form of electronic device they’re using. If your conference room doesn’t have enough outlets to accommodate staff and your guests, there is always an option to have pop up countertop receptacles or desk power outlets installed for personalized use.

  • Storage and Supplies

Your conference room needs to be fully equipped with all the supplies and resources you’ll need to conduct a meeting with minimal interruptions. As you decide what items are needed to fill the space, don’t forget things like storage and general meeting supplies. This might include having a locking cabinet for electronic devices, shelves for storing basic supplies like paper, pens, and folders, as well as whiteboards and markers for presentations or notes.

  • Technology

What technology might be used during your meetings? If you often conduct virtual conference calls, you might need state of the art computer screens, software, and microphones to make it possible.

Other Factors

There’s more to designing a successful conference room than filling it up with furniture, equipment, and supplies. Here is a look at other factors to consider:

  • Lighting

The wrong lighting can ruin an entire presentation. It makes it complicated to see and can also change the mood of the attendees. Natural lighting will always be your best option. Exposing such lighting with the use of blinds or shades is an affordable option. Installing adjustable lights (where you can adjust to dim for presentations and brighter for conversations) can also prove beneficial in the conference room.

  • Decor

Your brand’s image is represented throughout your office. This image needs to also reflect in your conference room. As you consider decor think of professional touches like office plants, posters with inspirational quotes, paintings, sculptures, and even

company photos to add some finishing touches.

Meetings can make or break the deal in business. If you want to make sure that you knock it out of the park every time, it starts by making an excellent first impression. Design a conference room that is not only professional and stylish, but equipped for comfort, convenience, and productivity. Hopefully, the above-mentioned tips will help you to create a meeting space that both your employees and clients will love.

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