Cost-Effective Promotional Products for Your Business

Promotional gifts can be a great way to get your company name or logo into people’s heads, but nowadays you need to think outside the box to grab the attention of your customers. People are used to corporate pens, mouse mats and coffee cups, and most customers will already have a stash of these old favourites in the bottom of their desk drawer from events gone by.

The best way to make sure that your promotional products are used is to make them useful. If they can be useful and quirky or interesting then they’ll be even more likely to be kept (and not in the bottom of the drawer!). Cheap USB sticks make great promotional gifts, as they always come in handy. People often lose USB sticks in the bottom of bags or at home, so you need to make yours stand out to ensure they get used regularly. Forget the traditional plastic covered USB that you normally get at company events – now you can have an almost unlimited choice of covering materials, shapes and finishes.

Think about making your USB sticks into a shape or miniature objects that represent your business, like this cute bottle shaped USB (right). If you fancy something really different, you can have a USB stick that comes in a moveable-person casing, like a Lego figure!

Plastic is the most basic material for covering and encasing USB sticks, but for something a little more upmarket you could opt for leather, metal or even wood! Rubber is also a good option because it is so durable (and shock absorbent too!), and can be chosen in any colour to suit your needs.

If you want you want to make sure your cost-effective USBs aren’t misplaced after you hand them out, think about adding a corporate lanyard so that guests can wear them (particularly great at a conference where people are also given name badges that can be affixed to lanyards).

Affordable lanyards are also strangely popular as key ring attachments – so handing one out with a USB on it can be a good move. Remember that the best promotional gifts are useful, so think about what your delegates and customers will want or need, in order to target them effectively.

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