Common Cloud Misconfigurations that can be Prevented with Cloud Security Systems

Businesses today are increasingly adopting IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-service) for IT operations. It is estimated that by 2022, 60% of organizations will use cloud solutions and managed offerings. Since IaaS is reliant on a shared security framework, there are several security loopholes and vulnerabilities.

Common Cloud Misconfigurations that can be Prevented with Cloud Security Systems

One such vulnerability that occurs at a rapid scale is misconfigurations. In fact, studies reveal that a typical business can face up to 3,500 misconfigurations monthly and 90% report that misconfigurations are common during cloud migration. However, with a comprehensive cloud security platform like, you can minimize the chances of misconfigurations in your cloud environment.

Here are some common cloud misconfigurations:

1. Liberal API Access

The application program interface is an integral component of cloud infrastructure. Poorly configured APIs serve as potential entry points for hackers to gain access to your data. This most common misconfiguration is also the primary cause of data breaches.

2. Unrestricted Inbound Ports

Inbound ports that are open to the Internet can pose a security threat. Though cloud services often employ Transmission control protocol (TCP) and User datagram protocol (UDP) ports to conceal their discovery, they can nonetheless be uncovered. Ideally, all inbound ports should be restricted to the systems that need them and not be fully open.

3. Unrestricted Outbound Ports

Outbound ports can also open up vulnerabilities through data exfiltration, lateral movement, and network scans. A common outbound access for remote connection to a server using SSH or RDP can open up the doors for a data violation. An effective solution is to limit both inbound and outbound access using least privilege principles for tight restrictions.

4. Unrestricted ICMP

The Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) is another pivotal entry point that is traditionally used by hackers. This is because the ICMP reveals that the server is active and online. Therefore, if you don’t block ICMP, unnecessary messages can flood your system.

5. Unencrypted Ports

Under-utilized ports may exist for management and database communication, and over time, you may overlook its existence. Some ports may be left open by default without encryption and be a vulnerable entry point for attacks or brute force authentication. Along with restricting all inbound and outbound ports, ensure to shut down unused ports and mandate encryption for all communication. If you need to use ports for communication, consider limiting traffic only to resources that need access.

6. Insecure Backups

You may have scheduled automated backups of cloud service data but may not have configured it for security. Though master data is protected, inadequately configured backups can pose a security risk, mostly if it’s not restricted with user access permissions.

The above are some common misconfigurations that can be prevented with the implementation of an enterprise cloud security system:

  • Check permission controls and applying principles of least privilege
  • Implement security measures like logging and encryption
  • Continuously audit for misconfiguration and compliance
  • Check for policy compliance before provisioning
  • Identify, classify, lockdown and monitor cloud data

Choosing the right cloud security solution can bolster the cloud infrastructure against threats. With solutions that include automated remediation and seamless integration with CI/CD pipeline, you can ensure end-to-end security in public cloud platforms without chances of misconfigurations.

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