CEM & CRM – Difference, Similarity, And The Unavoidable Overlap

There are various tools and solutions that you can use to interact with and establish strong relationships with your consumers and prospects. Customer engagement is one such concept that helps you engage with your customers through numerous touchpoints. You can create a database of connected devices and content. This helps you track the behavior of your audience as they convert from first-time visitors to prospects to customers and finally loyal promoters of your brand.

This concept has given birth to customer engagement management (CEM).

Various Touch Points Involved In Your Customer’s Journey

Today, your company can be discovered online very easily. There are various touchpoints that your customers might be using. This could be their devices such as desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets.

These could also be:

  • Desktop sites
  • Mobile sites
  • Social media platforms
  • Your official blog
  • Your paid advertisements
  • Landing pages
  • Live chat sessions
  • Mobile apps
  • Emails
  • Newsletters and similar subscriptions, and a lot more.

All of these touchpoints enable your customers to come closer to your brand and interact with your representatives. This is where you can make use of a customer engagement platform and begin nurturing your leads.

To put it in the simplest words, this platform is software that helps you engage with your customers through the various touch points mentioned above.

CEM & CRM - Difference, Similarity, And The Unavoidable Overlap

Should CEM Be Confused With CRM?

People often confuse CRM with CEM. CRM software is essentially a framework of a database that lets your organization collect critical information from interactions with your customers.

On the other hand, a CEM is backed by a CEP that enables your company to use technology to design various experiences that enhance customer loyalty, satisfaction, and advocacy.

Customer Relationship Management And Customer Engagement Management – The Overlap Everyone Talks About

There are a few very naturally occurring overlaps between customer relationship management and customer engagement management. Tools used in both these solutions and frameworks are dedicated to improving the overall experience of the consumer and enhancing the connection of your company with your prospects. The equation that you have with your target audience helps you create a positive brand image in the market.

We can understand this overlap between both these concepts by understanding them a little deeper.

Various tools available for customer relationship management enable your sales team to provide a higher quality of service to your customers. These services are highly personalized and some of them can even be automated to improve conversations with your clients and prospects.

When it comes to customer engagement management, on the other hand, various tools can be used to allow marketers to provide a similar personalized experience to customers. The only difference is that this customization is enabled with the help of useful insights and consumer behavior patterns that are observed at various touchpoints. 

  • Both CEM and CRM help you reduce customer churn
  • They also improve your return on investment
  • They enable you to strengthen the connection between your brand and your audience
  • Both customer relationship management and engagement solutions work simultaneously because they both are database driven software
  • They are committed to understanding and storing customer interactions for later references
  • Some of the management tools used in both these solutions are common and it becomes difficult to point out which one is better than the other

Both customer relationship management and customer engagement management solutions can improve your overall brand reputation and encourage customer loyalty.

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