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Business Deductions That SME’s Miss

Tax detectable business expenses can be a real money saver for many businesses but small businesses, particularly start-ups and sole traders, are missing out; partly because they don’t know what can be claimed and partly because they don’t want to hand in an incorrect tax return. So what should your small business be claiming for?

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Enhancing Your Credit with a Credit Card

While perfect credit is not a requirement to start a business, it does help if you need to secure a loan, purchase large amounts of inventory and supplies or need to rent office space. The guest article below shows how getting a credit card and using it wisely can boost your credit.

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A Guide to Self-Assessment Tax Returns for Small Businesses

The deadline date for submitting your tax return is creeping up – 31st January is just around the corner and many first time submitters may have been putting bringing together their company accounts and doing their return out of fear or ignorance of how it should be done. Fear not, filling out a self-assessment form couldn’t be simpler.

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