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How To Bounce Back From Bankruptcy

People don’t usually plan for failure. They tend to think in terms of success, of best-case scenarios, and of positive outcomes. Occasionally, the road to success is fraught with enough financial perils that when debts begin mounting and serious financial difficulties arise, the only way to get back on track …

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Investing in a Racehorse Viable for Businesses?

These days, it’s always difficult to know what to buy business clients as incentive gifts. Most of them are plain boring – and they often come across as a little sleazy, to say the least, particularly with younger entrepreneurs who want to do something a little more lateral and creatively …

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The Top 5 Tips for Getting a Personal Loan

Getting a personal loan can be a daunting process, requiring you to subject yourself to the financial scrutiny of others. These others often make you wait several days to learn whether or not your loan application has been approved, which can be a nerve-wracking time. To make the process a …

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