How to Boost Your Company’s Launch

company-launchIt’s the moment when your company finally comes together; months, perhaps years of work, organisation and resourcefulness, your products are ready to market and finally the ‘normality’ of everyday business can begin. This stage of the company’s development is, however, just as fraught with big decisions and major headaches as the business’ earlier stages were, though there are some actions that entrepreneurs can use to really put the shine on those first few weeks, boosting customer numbers and creating a buzz around the company and its products from the get-go.

Firstly, boosting awareness of the launch has to be an utmost priority. If this is the launch of your company, then advertising, flyering; all the sorts of regular promotional activities one thinks of; should be utilised. If launching a product, get the press involved- either using online sites or in local newspapers- making the public aware of the launch, what the product represents, and what a great deal they’re getting for buying it!

Social media should naturally form a prong of your launch strategy. Facebook, Linkedin, tripadvisor; making your company and products web and- most importantly- smart phone accessible is of utmost importance. People now out of habit will search for anything business- related that catches their eye out and about, expecting there to be a social media presence of the brand online. If you’re not there, serious question marks get raised in the mind of the would-be customer.

Deals should also be pursued so as to get increased levels of business in a launch’s early stages. Deals pushed through the site Groupon are useful for a business that already has some cache surrounding its name, though smaller companies needn’t think they are below utilising this huge site- deals posted work for both small and large companies.

For sites that require the customer to put down money prior to their using the site, such as online gaming companies, multiplied or free deposit bonus offers can really provide and impetus for customers to start spending money on the site and the associated word of mouth can similarly equal boosted customer numbers. Combine this with special events and products and what is merely an offer becomes a ‘bonus week’ of sorts!

Used in business since time immemorial, the discount sale cannot be understated as a great way for getting in customers and boosting your take- in. These should always be conducted towards the end of a product’s cycle, so as to get rid of old merchandise prior to the injection of new items and lines.

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