Benefits of Using Collaborative Robots for Machine Tending

Machine tending is one of the most common processes in a manufacturing plant. It can be effectively described as a repetitive process that involves picking the right item and placing it into a machine for further processing.

Machine tending in its purest form is an ideal candidate for automation with a collaborative robot. It perfectly fits the profile of a task in the factory that should be handled by a robot. Collaborative robots are the best robots to handle machine tending.

Here are some reasons why.

Repetitive tasks

Robots are highly suitable for handling repetitive tasks. Machine tending is one such task. Robotic machine tending takes away this repetitive, dull and dangerous task from human employees.

Repetitive tasks tend to be dangerous and may cause injuries during the duration of work. It is very likely for a human worker tending machines to lose concentration and drift away. This may result in a fatal accident or a serious workplace injury.

Robots do not get bored and can work for long hours every day, halting their operations only for routine maintenance.

Require Little Space

Another reason why factories should use collaborative robots for machine tending is that they occupy a little space.

As a factory owner investing in a cobot system, you will not need any extra space for your robot. The same space that was previously occupied by a human laborer is the same that the cobot will occupy. It may even need less space.

Cobots are quite compact and can be set up anywhere within the factory.

Easy to Acquire

A major hindrance to organizations acquiring their robots is the perception that they are expensive. An investment in a collaborative robot for machine tending is a great financial decision.

First, the return on investment is quite fast. For a busy operation, the robotic machine tending system will pay for itself within six months.

Second, collaborative robots are highly affordable. They can be easily afforded even by the smallest of manufacturing entities. Robots can even be hired and paid for by the hour for the tasks that they carry out.

Easy to Use

Collaborative robots are quick and easy to program. This means that they can be easily operated by factory workers with limited or no programming skills. Unlike traditional robots, modern and progressive cobots have an easy to understand and use user interface. The interface is easy to work with and to understand.

Enable Deployment of Human Workers to Areas they are more Required

Labor costs are some of the major costs that factories incur. With robots, it is very easy for companies to redeploy their human resources to more important areas where their input is required.

With a collaborative robot, the factory will not incur any additional costs in terms of getting more employees. They will just need to replace their available labor with robots and deploy their human employees to other tasks.

Faster Production

Robotic machine tending results in speedier processes. Robots do not work at the same pace as humans. They work faster and continuously. Speed is one major advantage of automation.

Speed also ensures that more work is carried and thus higher levels of production. This also translates into a better financial position as for a single cost, there is a higher level of production taking place.

Quick and easy to set up

Collaborative robots for machine tending tasks are quick and easy to set up. Unlike traditional robots, cobots can be quickly set up within minutes and deployed to work.

Cobots have various movable parts that allow them to perform different tasks. These parts can also be quickly mounted and unmounted thus saving valuable time in the production process.


Robotic machine tending is beneficial to all manufacturing entities that are still stuck in manual machine tending. It is not only financially sound but also a benefit to all the factory workers stuck in boring and repetitive tasks.

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