Attendance Systems For the Workplace

Attendance in the workplace is a very important component for any company or organization. Managers need to have reliable systems for keeping track of the number of hours that employees work. Attendance systems are digital devices that prevent fraud in the workplace when it comes to punching in and out. A traditional time clock only requires that a person enter a pin onto a digital keypad. However, there are loopholes associated with such devices in the workplace. For example, anyone can enter a pin on a keypad and sign in or out another person. Modern time trackers use the latest technology to guarantee that only an employer is signing in and out without anyone covering up.

Biometric time recorders scan fingerprints as a way to confirm the identity of an employee. Some scanners require that only a finger is placed onto an optical screen. Other biometric attendance systems may scan the entire hand along with fingerprints. Taken to a whole other level, the most advanced biometric time clocks may use facial recognition technology. For instance, the eyes may be scanned to confirm a worker’s identity. Such methods are used in facilities that are heavily regulated and off access to lower level employees. For example, laboratory settings may benefit from biometric attendance systems that scan more than just fingerprints.

A modern time clock is designed to be synced with an external software application that’s used by employers. The program is used to store all of the data that’s reocrded by the attendance system. Easy to read charts and graphs are generated on the hours that a worker has worked in a given time period. The bottom line is that attendance clocks are used directly for to calculate payroll. Some software programs for time trackers are compatible with remote access through the internet. While being away from work, an employer may be able to view data on a worker’s attendance from a smartphone or tablet.

There are also devices available that print time sensitive information. For example, a certain may have to be accomplished within several hours. A small printer type device can produce tickets and other similar documents that are used in special assignments in a business setting. Cards are also available for scanning in time sensitive situations. For instance, a card may only be valid for 24 hours. Therefore, a scanning system will deny anyone that has an expired ticket.

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