Ask For Help And The Stress Will Ease

All of us need a helping hand from time-to-time, whether that be in your personal life or in a professional capacity. Sometimes, after trying and testing ways and methods of different things that could help your situation, but in the end didn’t, the easiest and (not necessarily advisable) safest thing for us to do is reach out for help. And, in today’s ever-evolving, and altering, state of affairs we simply don’t know – and can’t predict – how business will be affected one day to the next. So, some of us just might be requiring a little more help than the rest of us in the future.

Take businesses, for example. There are literally thousands of different businesses out there, all run by owners who chased and caught their dream. Owner is the boss, and has employees underneath them. Boss needs to pay employees. Employees need to pay for bills and food. What happens, though, when the boss can’t pay the employees? Bank loans, overdrafts, re-mortgages, missed payments. Many other things, which don’t need to be mentioned. But you get the drift.

Help can come in many forms. It could be your brother helping out at front of house, your niece acting as a second receptionist, your cousin filing away all those tax returns. Think about it. Help could come in a lot of ways. And the chances are, there has been a point in a business where the owner has met a crux and needed help in some aspect. Hey, even Nathan Gotch probably required help one day. But there are some people out there too proud to ask for help or too embarrassed. But people don’t need to feel any of those emotions. Help is a good thing. People like to help, and it also helps build relationships in the sense that the person who was asked to help is trusted and will feel trusted.


Some people may think that larger businesses require less help. But, of course, that isn’t true. Businesses are made up of networks of people who come together and amalgamate into one to produce the true ethics and goals of the business they work for. And, businesses are also owned by people (however, the age of the robots may put an end to that in the future but we’re safely a long way off from that). People always require help, regardless of the size of the business. There is always, and will always be, jobs that simply haven’t been done due to either manpower or busy work schedules.

There are places – like agencies –  which you can go to which can obviously help businesses, but these places cost a lot of money and, at the end of the day, money is what business owners need to keep afloat and keep ticking by. So, perhaps, think twice about whether you could do with a helping hand in the future, or now of course. Asking will not be as hard as you think, and people close to you would be happy to help out.

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  1. I do think it is important to do thorough research, talk with an accountant, and talk with a lawyer before starting your business. Frequent check ins with your accountant are important. Many businesses find themselves in financial difficulty, but it is finding the right way to handle it. Thanks for sharing!

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