Areas of Manufacturing Where Mindset Is (Sometimes) More Important Than Method

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Learning how to facilitate change in any working environment requires a significant amount of soul searching. One of the biggest oversights we are all guilty of is not paying attention to our attitudes properly. The startup industry is so focused on providing a solid bottom line and making things go further that they completely neglect their mindsets. And when it comes to industrial and manufacturing, the focus can be on keeping that going. But let’s show you some of the key areas that can be transformed by having the right mindset within manufacturing. 

Supply Costs

When there is an increase in the volume of orders, this can result in a better price from the supplier. However, when a product, whether it’s a vinyl cutter or bolt cutter, the shipping costs can increase what you need to ship twice as many materials into your manufacturing plants. This means that you need to operate with a learner mindset so you can minimize shelf space in your operation. 

Design Implications

There are many components we have to consider as far as our design is concerned. If we end up altering our parts by using alternatives with smaller a footprint by redesigning the layout, we can save a lot on the purchasing budget which can then go towards paying for the design. But if you have too many components to add to your design this will create problems and will result in excessive costs. 

Component Costs

If you are making a certain number of units per year, replacing one component with another that is half the price will save you a lot of money. But you’ve got to be aware of the consequences of this decision. It could very well be that the initial component you purchased was better for the operation. 

Quality Control

Sampling is one of the practices conducted to ensure that items are of acceptable quality. One way to help yourself in this approach is to halve the sampling rates but this means that you are running the risk of getting faulty battery components that will not be identified until the completed devices are in the hands of the customer. 

Production Costs

This is another thing that can have a significant benefit on your operation as a whole. But production costs are not necessarily about the big picture, but about understanding the small individual components. If you are manufacturing an item like a motherboard, there could be as many as 50 individual components, which means that if you are trying to save production costs by increasing the components, this is a very small increase. But if you are doubling the number of components, this could have a major effect on your final projects and your costs. 

These are a few things that can cause problems in the long run. It’s important to understand that the thought process is vital, especially when the end product is intended for a larger market. This is why putting enough effort into the process at the outset is vital, because this could deliver significant savings rather than shaving costs.

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