All You Need to Know About the Rise of 3D Printing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Chuck Hull is the father of 3D Printing. He was born in 1939 in Colorado, USA. His adventures in 3D Printing first began in 1984 when he made the first 3D Printed item, a small black eyewash cup. Two years later he patented his technology and set up 3D Systems which is now a globally recognised leader in the field of additive technology. Over 30 years later, 76 US patents, 18 European Patents and 14 Japanese patents now join Hull’s first patent. By 2012, the 3D Printing industry had passed the $1 billion dollar mark.

This infographic details the invention, evolution, and present day status of the 3D printing industry, in addition to focusing on the key players in the market. It details 3D Printing’s wide reaching business application use and the emergence of the 3D Printing field in the consumer landscape. The future is very bright for this field and this infographic details the advances yet to come within this innovative, fast growing and fascinating technology.


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