AI: Top 5 Business Technologies for 2022

According to a global survey in 2020 about artificial intelligence, more than half of the companies worldwide adopted AI in one business function or unit. These companies use AI tools to improve customer loyalty, increase revenue, and generate more value for their brand. In addition, many more are investing part of their earnings in artificial intelligence to accelerate their company’s digitization.

Trends in the adoption of artificial intelligence

The adoption of AI varies based on the industry. According to the survey mentioned above, the leading sectors for AI adoption include product assembly, automotive, telecom, and high-tech industries. There are several applications of AI in these industries, from sales to advertising, product or service design, and service operations.

Technology trends in artificial intelligence

Experts predict that in 2022 and beyond, artificial intelligence will focus on simplifying operations and improving their efficiency. If you need assistance in adopting AI for your business, companies like have several solutions that can tailor to your needs. As each company has different requirements, the application of AI may vary. Here are some AI-based technologies for business improvement in 2022. 

  • Cyber defense. Cyber threats are always present, only waiting for the right moment to strike. Therefore, it is vital to beef up a company’s cyber defense to prevent and mitigate threats and attacks on data and system infrastructure. AI can automate many tasks, such as detecting unknown code repositories, servers, and workstations. Moreover, it can analyze network traffic. It can learn to recognize patterns to detect cybersecurity risks and uncover questionable user activities. 
  • Virtual agents. Virtual assistants are now a critical tool for governments and large corporations. Most of them are using chatbots for customer care. In 2022, consumers will notice that customer care will be more personal. They can interact more with their service providers and retailers as artificial intelligence assumes a bigger role in the personalization of customer care.
  • Digital personal assistants. Aside from providing an enhanced customer experience, artificial intelligence will transform how your company operates. For example, you can use AI bots as personal assistants to provide recommendations for streamlining your business processes, maintain your calendar, and manage your emails. While they may look like small tasks, they let you focus on the more important job of making your business grow.
  • AI-driven QA and inspection. AI inspection, a part of computer vision technology, is flourishing because accuracy and performance are increasing. Companies invest in computer vision development that helps object detection in individual video frames. In manufacturing, automated inspection helps in product analysis for quality standard compliance.
  • Solutions for healthcare. AI was instrumental in the discovery and development of COVID-19 vaccines. It can further boost the healthcare industry as an effective tool on the Internet of Medical Things and handling confidentiality issues, analysis of CT scans, facial recognition even with masks, thermal screening, drug discovery, and more.

Artificial intelligence will prevail in the business sector as the demand for automation increases. Applying AI to business solutions will become commonplace and take care of more tasks without human intervention. The key is to find the AI-driven solutions that will work for your business.

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