Advertise Your Small Business with Fabric Printing

fabric-printingIf you’re looking for a new way to advertise your business, why not consider fabric printed signs? There are so many different uses for it in your business.  Here are four examples of how fabric printing can be used in your company.

1. Alarm Gate Covers: If you own a brick and mortar business, then having security is important. Many stores opt for door alarms that sound if someone tries to take merchandise out without paying.  Rather than leaving these door alarms uncovered, consider getting a custom cover with your business name and motto instead. You still get the security but also get an extra branding element for those passing by.


2. Studio Backdrops: If photography is your business, it’s good to offer versatile shooting locations. Taking your subjects outside is not always an option, especially if you live in a place with cold weather. A fabric printed scene can offer the perfect backdrop for inside shoots.


3. Corporate Banners: If your company travels to trade shows, conferences or other big events, it can be a pain to print up a new sign each time. Get a reusable, fabric painted banner instead. This way, you always have professional signage available, even for last minute opportunities.


4. Street Flags and Banners: If your business has progressed to the point of having a corporate office, you might want to consider investing in signs to hang on the light poles outside. This can give your company an air of distinction as potential clients and partners open your doors.

The video below shows even more ways fabric printing can help you advertise your business.

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