Advantages of Video Surveillance Management

Video surveillance management is becoming critical in the modern world because man has become more innovative and sophisticated. Therefore, advanced tools are required to check on what he does. If you own a business or a home and you want to beef up its security, it is important that you continue reading this article because it delves into the advantages of video surveillance management.


According to video surveillance management theory, more emphasis is placed on storage and preservation of the collected data. It helps to preserve crucial evidence required to solve crimes, defend yourself against liability and determine the cause of the accident.  Most organization including Qognify, have policies which require the surveillance information to be preserved for at least 30 to 90 days. It is becoming a common practice to have all the frames recorded on the storage system.

Allows for Remote Monitoring

A good video surveillance management makes it possible to monitor activity on the feeds from anywhere in the world. Integrating the video system to devices such as mobile phones allows one to stream footage and images anywhere anytime.

Makes Surveillance Cost Effective by Centralizing Surveillance

A good video surveillance management system makes it easier to monitor your home or business. It centralizes monitoring and makes use of fewer cameras, which can cover a larger area and help one to keep an eye over a larger area. It allows one to record and view videos from several surveillance cameras.  Also, it makes use of software that can be controlled by employees and security teams to monitor and investigate events.

Improves Security

Efficient video surveillance management systems will deter crime. Normally, criminals will not move closer to a building that is under surveillance. They know that such systems take note of suspicious activities around the building. The systems have recording capabilities and video surveillance footage that can be used to investigate the crime.

Improved Productivity

Other than being used for security reasons, video surveillance improves productivity. It allows business owners to monitor their employees. It helps to eliminate unwanted behaviors such as visiting the washrooms too often. Employees are aware that they are being watched and so tend to do their work well.

Provide Around The Clock Protection

Unlike security officers who often fall asleep and allow thieves to access the property, video surveillance equipment never takes a snooze.  They provide around –the-clock protection and are capable of monitoring all parts of the buildings.


Video surveillance management technology is flexible and affordable.  It is easier to install and access all the cameras. Since it is operated from a central location, it can monitor a wider area at the same time. It also gives the home or business owner a chance to choose whether to install cameras by the entrance, the exit or any other point so as to make it easy to carry out surveillance of the home or business. It is, therefore, ideal when you want to oversee a vast territory. Cameras can be fixed in strategic places that allow them to relay all the images in a central location for analysis and action. Visit and learn more on surveillance management.

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