A Guide To Shipping Your Car For An Extended Business Trip Or Move In 2019

Make your business move easier

If you are taking a long business trip or re-locating for work, you will likely need transportation to get back and forth from work and your hotel or home. Renting a car for more than a week can get very expensive. So can taking Ubers or Taxis. Taking public transportation can be unreliable as well as time consuming.

The most sensible option would be for you to ship your car to your new business destination. Shipping a car might seem scary at first but you will quickly find that it is an easy and worry-free experience that will help you save time and money.

Consider that the auto transport industry moves thousands of vehicles each day and is a ten billion dollar a year industry. Would that be the case if the car shipping process wasn’t a trustworthy one?

Prepare for your car shipment

If you are finally ready to ship your vehicle, you should be properly prepared to do so.

First, you will need to research the car shipping companies that you might consider using. You should be able to look them up on Google and read customer reviews. If they have many negative reviews on Google, then you might want to drop them from consideration.

You should also call each company and ask them a few questions before you decide to book your shipment with them.

You should ask questions like: “Do you have references that I can speak with?”, “What does it usually cost to ship with you?”, “What are your USDOT and/or MC numbers?”, “Do you offer door to door shipping?” etc.

If they struggle with questions like those, then you should use a different company.

Most companies also offer free online quotes. These quotes can help you compare general pricing between several companies for the same shipment.

Next, you will want to call the company that you choose and make sure they can book the pick-up time and drop-off window that you need. Unfortunately, there are never any guaranteed delivery times in the auto shipping industry, only guaranteed pick-up times.

Once you book your shipment, you will need to get ready for your car to get picked up.

You should make sure your car has no more and no less than a quarter tank of gas. This gives the driver enough gas to get the car on and off the hauler and doesn’t add unnecessary weight.

You will also need to make sure that you thoroughly clean the exterior of the vehicle. This is because the driver will show up and conduct an inspection of the vehicle before putting it on the carrier so that the auto transport company can have a record of any pre-existing damage like scratches or dents.
It’s also important to make sure you have all the proper documentation ready for when your driver arrives to pick up your car.

This includes: your license, ownership documents, and your e-mail confirmation of your booking.

Be sure to remove any personal items and valuables from the vehicle. If any of these things are lost or damaged, they will not be covered by insurance. Some drivers may let you ship personal items if they don’t weigh too much and are below the window line. However, you can not count on that being the case.

What you need to know

As mentioned before, your car’s delivery date will be always be an approximation from any reputable auto transport company. There are too many variables that go into car shipping to be able to guarantee a delivery date. These include weather, customer delays, traffic and other unforeseen circumstances.

When you book your shipment, you will get a delivery window of about three days where your car could be dropped-off.

Door-to-door shipping is available most of the time but in some cases, it is not possible for an auto carrier to get down a local street to your house for a pick-up or drop off. It might be because the street is too small, or because local laws forbid it.

Either way, you will then need to meet your driver in an area where they can bring their auto hauler. Large local parking lots are a good idea for this, such as a shopping center. You will also always have the option of driving your car to a central hub for transport rather than having it picked up at your house.

Your company might pay, at least partially, for your car shipment if its for a relocation. Be sure to ask them if this is something they cover.


There is a lot to be aware of when you ship your car for a business trip or relocation. However, your auto transport company will be there every step of the way to help you out or advise you if you need it.
Shipping your car to your business destination can save you time, stress and even money as long as you do your due diligence.

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