A Guide to Choosing the Right Security Fencing for Your Business

Securing your premises is one of the main priorities for any business owner. In an independent study into crimes against businesses, Northern Irish Policing Board found that between 58% and 75% of businesses in the UK have experienced at least once incidence of crime committed against them in the past year. Investing in the right security fencing can help to prevent this.

Here’s a guide to what you need to know.

Palisade Fencing

Steel palisade fencing, which is typically available in a range of varying thickness levels, is generally considered to be the most secure form of outside security. This is because it uses a pointed spike type design that acts as both a boundary and a deterrent against any potential trespassers. The design of the palisade head can also be customised in both size, shape, and thickness to suit a business’s specific requirements. You’ll generally see this kind of design around industrial estates, logistics facilities, and others areas where it’s paramount that any kind of security vulnerabilities need to be protected.

Portcullis Fencing

portcullis-fencingPortcullis fencing is another high-security type of design that is typically used around data centers, cash transfer stations, and even law enforcement buildings. This type of design not only offers a detriment against individuals climbing the fence, but the narrow spacing of the vertical pales also offers resistance against ramming by vehicles or a forcible attack from heavy machinery. This style, which can also be constructed with a meshed design for added protection, can also reduce the possibility of any outside goods or products being passed through the security fencing. If your business employs any kind of search before the employee or visitor is allowed to enter the building, portcullis fencing may be the solution you need.

Bow Top Fencing

Unlike palisade or portcullis fencing, bow top fencing is generally employed around residential areas like parks or town centers. If your business is situated in a residential area where a spiked design could potentially cause an injury to a member of the public, this may be the best option for you. When sourced from leading manufacturers, bow top fencing like this is secured to the support post using a tamper-resistant pin. This extra line of support reduces the risk of any unauthorised personnel removing the fence panel to ensure the safety of your premises while also providing both a safe and aesthetically pleasing alternative for the public.

Different businesses are better suited to alternate styles of security fencing. Consider the design which is best suited to the kind of business your company specialises in.

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  1. My husband and I have talked about putting in security fencing; we want something that is very durable. I think I might be interested in trying a palisade fencing. I really like that it can be made into a thicker material, and is very good at keeping trespassers out.

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  3. This is some really good information about security fences. It is good to know that it would be smart to think about getting a bow top fence. Having those spikes on to does seem like it would keep people from climbing them.

  4. this is very good information about fencing. I am also looking for a fencing company to do security fencing.

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