A Beginner’s Guide to Making Account-Based Marketing Work for You

If you really want to start increasing leads and sales, you need to start taking your visitors more seriously. So many online businesses these days spend months on page design and then treat their customers as an afterthought. While your design is still important, it needs to be created with your users at the front of your mind. Don’t make the mistake of assuming you know exactly what your visitors want as so many marketers do. Find out exactly what they want – then deliver it. And more.

If you’d like a few tips to help you fine-tune your user experience, then keep reading. In this article, we’re going to drill down on exactly how to increase sales by creating the best possible user experience for your visitors possible. Don’t treat your visitors as cattle or afterthoughts, make them your number one priority. Build your website and offers around them. ABM Company could also help take your lead generation efforts to the next level.

So, where you start?

Find out exactly what your users want

Firstly, you need to start by finding out exactly what your users and visitors want. Too many marketers build sites and offer that THEY want, without knowing if it’s the right thing for their visitors. What’s the first step in finding out what your visitors want? Ask them. It’s as simple as that. Reach out and offer a few incentives for honest reviews and advice. Personal tips are a good place to start, but the next step is often raw data. So let’s have a look at that:

Install CRM software

If you really want to drill down and analyze your user’s experience on your site, you need a lot more than just the personal opinion of a few individuals. You need lots of data to back it up. So install some CRM software (there’s plenty available) and start analyzing how people are interacting with your site. Look at what parts of your business are working, and which parts aren’t.

When you’ve got a bit more data about how users interact on your site, you’ll be able to see where you need to make changes, or which areas are doing well. You can then duplicate what works and cut back on what doesn’t. If you see certain page features performing well, you can build more of them. If you see certain keyword campaigns or features losing users – you can re-design or tweak them. CRM can help you a lot.

Create buyer personas

Try and come up with a few general types of people that might want to use your site, or you might want to appeal to. How old are they? How much disposable income do they have? What are they looking to spend money on? What are their concerns? When you work out this sort of info, you can have a much clearer idea of exactly what they’re looking for. You can start answering their questions and easing their concerns automatically, making them more likely to make a sale or convert to a lead.

View things from their perspective

When you’ve got your buyer personas, the next step is to take a virtual walk through their business with them in mind. When you create a website, it can sometimes be difficult to take a step back and imagine what other people think, but it’s important you look at how a user would interact with your site so you can troubleshoot and tweak things where you need to.

Tweak your layout and design

When you think you’ve got a good idea what sort of things work and what don’t from your CRM analysis and buyer personas, you can then start making changes. Build more of what’s working and less of what doesn’t. Make the changes you think will directly improve your users’ experience.

Re-write the sales copy

Sales copy is one of the most important parts of a successful website, but far too many business owners treat it as an afterthought or outsource it to the lowest bidder. Don’t make that mistake. The best copy can be expensive for a reason – it really helps improve sales. Sometimes, it might be worth paying for the best.

Offer value

Try offering free reports or other valuable things to get your users attention. If you want them to sign up to a list, offering an incentive to do so could be the right idea. Give them quality and leave them wanting more, so they’re more likely to convert to a paying customer.

Test alternatives

Don’t simply assume you know what works and what doesn’t, test alternatives and collect the data to prove it. Try different landing pages, keywords, and other features and work out which are really working for you.

Keep calls-to-action clear and above the fold

If you want someone to opt-in or make a sale – make it clear. You’d be surprised how many website owners hide their main offer or make it difficult to find. It’s a big mistake, and it could lose you, customers. Try sticky widgets to make sure your opt-in panels are always above the fold.

Reduce distractions

Again, additional ads can help make a bit of extra money, but you need to be careful not to bombard people with too many distractions from your main offer. The more distractions there are, the more likely people will be to click away.

Use testimonials

Testimonials are a great way to build trust and get people more happy about doing business with you. Make sure they’re compelling, and it’s even better if they’re from a site or individual people might have heard of.

Target the right keywords

You want as many active visitors as possible, to increase conversion rates. Make sure you stick to active keywords and avoid things like “free” as those visitors are often looking for a free ride. The right keyword analysis and campaign management are crucial in delivering you more of the customer you want, and one that’s more likely to spend money on your site.

Engage with social media

Having an active social media presence is important these days. It’s a great marketing tool and a great way to keep in touch with existing customers (and find new ones). Don’t ignore the power of social media.

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