9 Reasons Video Conferencing Could Benefit Your Business

video_conference-smlIf you’re reading this, you’re probably well aware of how meetings work. You spend precious time arranging them, corralling your colleagues into attending, and setting up the room in advance. Then, meetings are often waylaid by late arrivals, coffee runs, or prolonged decision making. By the time you’ve got through all that, you’ve lost hours in which you could have been working on your project.

Is there a better way? With Blue Jeans Online Video Conferencing, there is. It can save time, improve communications, and improve decision making dramatically within your business. If you’ve never tried the technology before, you may feel rather hesitant about sourcing your meetings out online, but you’ll be amazed at what video calling can do for your company. Need more reasons to try it out? Read on for more.

  1. It saves time: Meeting virtually rather than in person can save an enormous amount of time. You’re not waiting for others to come from far flung corners of your building, or for them to grab their coffee before they come in. It can also keep attendees more focused on the task at hand, allowing for the work to be done quicker and projects to progress much more quickly.


  1. It avoids traveling: If your business is based over a variety of locations, you may well know the pain of travelling to meet your colleagues. With the time, money and effort involved, it may well not seem worth it once you’ve finally walked into that meeting. As Picture Phone have noted, all of these things can be avoided by meeting over a video call rather than in person. Simply arrange a time, log onto the software, and meet up. It’s decidedly easier than putting up with travel delays and high travel costs.


  1. Communication improves between locations: Many businesses now are spread out globally, meaning that one location could well have no idea what the other may be doing. NI Business Info points out that poor communication between locations can lead to taxation problems, unnecessary duplication of work load, and poor cash flow. Being able to meet online quickly and easily means you can stay in touch, no matter where you are in relation to your colleagues.


  1. You can meet on the move: Sometimes travel can be unavoidable, and when you’re traveling it can feel as though you’re out of touch as far as the office is concerned. You can make a phone call to the office, but sometimes a simple call just won’t cut it. With your laptop and video call software, however, this is no longer the case. Call in wherever you are and stay in touch.


  1. It’s personable: If you’ve used text based web conferencing before, you’ll know that not being able to see your colleagues can be off putting. Some attendees don’t give the meeting the right amount of attention as they check their emails, and you can’t tell who is or isn’t currently involved. With video calling, online meetings are much more personable. You can see who exactly is there, and pick up on facial cues and other non verbal language, improving communication.


  1. You can share media: Whatever you need to share in your meeting, it can be done online quickly and with the minimum of fuss. Use slideshows, share pictures, and show online video with the touch of a button, and share your media with everyone.


  1. It’s easy to use: Video conferencing sounds as though it should be complicated to use, but the opposite is really true. Simply press a button to call your attendees, and use Administrator settings to control your meeting. Excellent online security means that no one will be privy to your conversations unless you invite them.


  1. Take advantage of cloud technology: All you need to get started is a video conferencing device such as a laptop or smartphone, everything else is taken care of on the cloud. No technical knowledge is required whatsoever. Just boot up your device, log into the software and away you go.


  1. Makes your business more competitive: Every business wants to be number one, so to be the best you need to use every advantage you have. Clear One says that video conferencing means you can share knowledge faster, solve problems more efficiently, and communicate with your customers more clearly. Using technology to your advantage means that you can be the best, whatever you’re doing.

To Conclude:

Technology has revolutionized the way companies now do business, and video conferencing is one of the biggest and most useful tools a company can use. Take advantage of video calls and watch the communication in your business improve drastically, as well as productivity and sales. They save time, money and hassle, so why not try it for yourself today?

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  1. Without the need to travel, staffs can spend the working time being productive, showing that more will be performed in less time. This is a big advantage of utilizing video conferencing.
    Agree and Thank You mate.

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