8 Great Business Uses for Rechargeable Batteries

Rechargeable batteries have come a long way in the last couple of decades. You might be used to low-quality cells that take hours to charge but don’t really pack much power, but that’s simply not how things are at the higher end of the market. Real rechargeable batteries these days have tons of different potential uses. And what that means is – you can use them in your business.

Battery technology is improving year on year at a rapid rate. Lots of household technology now has a rechargeable battery. With a lot of efforts being put into making batteries charge faster and carry more power in smaller packages, things look set to improve even further. So how can these batteries improve your business? Maybe you’re looking to get into the battery industry itself and make the most from this growth industry, or maybe you want to actually use these newer high-tech batteries for some other business idea or solution to help you get ahead of the competition. Either way, we’re going to look at 8 great business ideas for rechargeable batteries in this article.

1. Battery charging center

As rechargeable batteries become even more commonplace, one great business idea is to offer battery charging centers. This could be for a  number of uses, but the most obvious is in the electric car industry. Car companies are moving rapidly towards electronic powered cars as they move away from costly and environmentally damaging petrol consumption. These batteries are going to need charging, and you’ve probably already seen a few charging points pop up. This is surely a growth industry and one you could get involved.

But your battery charging center doesn’t have to be for electric cars. Uses for portable battery units are increasing, like to replace diesel generators and be used on campsites. You could provide charging services for these sorts of batteries and many more. If you want to make things even more sustainable, you could use solar power to provide energy.

2. Battery recycling

Despite battery technology improving dramatically over the last few years, there are still a lot of old batteries that need either disposing of or recycling. There’s actually money to be made in this industry, too. Some businesses will pay you to take away their old batteries as they can be difficult to dispose of (you can’t just throw them in the bin). Recalled lithium batteries need to be disposed of properly, by someone who knows what they’re doing.

If you’ve got the right connections you could charge for this process. Some of the raw materials in these batteries can also be of value to either new battery manufacturers or other industries, so you could even sell to them and make money on both ends. You could agree to a contract with an existing supplier or provide on an ad-hoc basis.

3. Investing in battery technology

Other than ideas that might require you to get your hands dirty, there’s still some money making potential in the battery industry. With the huge growth in new startups and other business ventures moving into batteries in a big way, there’s huge potential when it comes to investing in battery technology. Do your research and you could find some great stocks with huge growth and dividend potential as battery power continues to become more popular.

4. Battery sales

This type of business has been around for a while, but it could still work for you. Many businesses sell smaller batteries as part of an existing business, but if you want to get involved in larger or more high-tech batteries, this could be a niche all in itself. You could sell new car batteries or power-generating batteries to campsites, or specialist in some other type of battery that’s unique to certain industries, pastimes, technologies or hobbies.

The first few ideas we looked at were all about getting into the battery industry in some way, whether selling them or recycling them. But what about using these new batteries to improve other businesses and get ahead of the competition? Let’s have a look at a few more ideas…

5. Food stalls and other remote sales

If you run your own food van or stall, you might have seen a huge increase in business over the last few years. People have become more and more adventurous when it comes to food, and food stalls like this are becoming more and more popular both in busy city centers as well as at country fairs and farmers markets. One thing many of these businesses have had to rely on in the past is a generator to power them when they aren’t near mains supply.

Generators can be noisy, expensive, and they aren’t good for the environment. How can you justify a noisy, polluting generator when you’re running a vegan food stall? But in saying that, your equipment still needs powering – and rechargeable batteries could be the solution. These might have a large up-front cost (for now), but they are much cheaper to run, better for the environment, and quieter. You might be able to take your food van to the next level with the right battery equipment.

6. Mobile music and entertainment

This idea is similar to the last point, but with music instead of food. If you’re a mobile DJ, you probably don’t want that noisy generator in the background. A battery is silent and can provide the power you’ve been looking for.

7. Remote phone-charging stalls

Everyone needs their phone these days, but with increased use – many of them find their battery on low much sooner than they wanted. You could start a phone recharging point to help them, and make a bit of money. You could use batteries to provide the power that helps you recharge people’s phone batteries!

8. Pop-up lighting

If you need to put lighting somewhere but don’t have access to a mains plug or can’t safely cable out to it, the right battery solution could be more affordable and provide more power than you might think. Have a look today to see how many wonderful opportunities rechargeable batteries could bring to your business.

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