8 Amazing Learnings from The Global Pulp Market

Here are 8 things you need to know about the global pulp market.

The Facts and Figures

The compound annual growth rate of the global pulp market is 1.4%. The production size of the market is 20.3 million tons in South America, 16.02 million tons in North America, and 15.4 million tons in Europe. There is a likelihood that the CAGR will increase to about 2.5% in the coming future according to the market intelligence report by Beroe. Moreover, the increase in demand for the pulp market means there will be new capacities in North America, Europe, and Asia to meet the rising demand. This will be helpful for the future when the demand for pulp continues to increase globally.

8 Amazing Learnings From The Global Pulp Market

It Is Here to Stay

The pulp and paper market is here to stay regardless of what the papers have to say. You might have heard that forest-products will soon be a thing of the past but that is not true. It all started with the graphic paper demand decreasing for the very first time in 2015 all over the globe. This made people start thinking Even though digitization is a reality and it is becoming common in developing countries too, the global pulp market is not going anywhere. The growth is undoubtedly slower but it is still growing nonetheless. While the graphic paper demand is decreasing, there are other products that have a higher demand which is filling the gap demand left by graphic paper.

The Change

The pulp industry is evolving. The fastest growth is seen in the packaging industry and a part of this is because of online shopping. Another change in this market is tissue paper and hygiene products which have seen an increase in demand. A change that is not noticeable to many is the textile applications of pulp. This is an area that is growing although at a slow pace but it is picking up momentum. A major change is the use of wood along with the various components found in it. While it is not clear yet about the applications for these, it is expected that the pulp market is far from disappearing.

Global Pulp Market

Tissue paper is at the top of the global market pulp demand by end-use. Since the world population is increasing and economies are becoming better, the demand for tissue paper is expected to increase. For example, the demand for toilet paper was over 37 million tons in 2017 and most of it was for the best quality toilet paper. As global markets change, so will their requirements. For example, due to better standards of living developing nations are more likely to imitate the consumption habits of the west. This means there is going to be high growth in many areas in the pulp market.

Non-Wood Pulp Production

There is a likelihood that the non-wood pulp production will become a fiber source for pulp. This is true for Europe and North America. This will be done using methods that donโ€™t negatively impact the environment and using sustainable methods. The best part is that there are many combinations that can be used and depending on the pulp market requirements, the combinations can be changed accordingly. Non-wood fibers grow faster than wood trees and so the development in this area can be done at a much faster rate which means increasing demand can be met in the future.

The Uncertainties

While it may seem like pulp production will continue to increase, it cannot be said for sure. The reason is that just a few years back industry experts predicted that the graphic paper demand will increase. However, it didnโ€™t take long for that prediction to be proved wrong. Add to that the uncertainty of demand from China for pulp products. It is particularly important to keep China into perspective because any change can have a huge impact. That is because China matters when it comes to the paper market and so even some changes can equate to big changes; whether good or bad.


There are three important factors that must be considered with regard to forest products and the pulp market. Innovation is highly important because although constant innovation wasnโ€™t that necessary in the past, it will be now. Efficient innovation will be key for businesses if they want to tap into this market of pulp. Talent management is another challenge as different types of skills will be required. New demands must be understood by businesses and a separate team will be required to be put into place. This is one of the most vital tasks that need to be done properly although it can be challenging with the new changes.

Future Outlook

Change is inevitable and in the case of the pulp market, it couldnโ€™t get any truer. While the future looks bright, it is important to note that changes can happen along the way that will probably lead to changes that are for the better. There are certainly many challenges that lie ahead for the pulp market but with the right strategies and outlook, it is possible for companies to come out just fine. Those that do make it out without giving up are the ones that will continue to evolve and keep themselves afloat even in other difficult times.

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