7 Types of Businesses That Should Consider Commercial Storage Solutions

Self-storage is a versatile option that is not just suited to those who use it for personal reasons. There are plenty of common situations where commercial entities can benefit just as much from using available storage solutions themselves.

In fact, self-storage units frequently prove even more valuable to businesses than they are to people with, particularly overcrowded dwellings. A quick look at seven kinds of companies that most often benefit from the strategic use of commercial storage units should make this quite clear.

Reserving and using secure self-storage has become even easier than in the past, thanks to some welcome developments. The self-storage industry is booming, with one recent year seeing nearly 70 million new square feet of space added in the United States alone.

Contrary to what some assume, the demand fueling such growth does not only stem from individual consumers and families. Businesses of many kinds are more and more apt to use commercial storage solutions that suit their needs better than any other option. Seven types of companies that most often end up in this group today are those focusing on:


Just about every busy construction company must constantly balance its need for fresh supplies against the logistics of acquiring and storing them. Adding self-storage space to a construction company’s collection of assets will enable an effective new way to relieve supply-related pressure at any time. Many construction contractors end up leasing two or more units, with each sometimes being dedicated to a particular purpose. Even when a construction company has a spacious headquarters to employ, additional storage space can prove handy.


Most landscaping companies experience demand for their services that varies and fluctuates with the seasons. Tools, equipment, and supplies that are vital at certain times of the year can end up being entirely useless at others. Being able to easily store such assets away until they will be needed again often proves to be especially helpful. Many landscaping companies find that commercial self-storage units allow them to achieve this goal in the most convenient and economical fashion of all the options.

Real estate

From furniture used for staging houses to basics like signs and boxes of fliers, many real estate agents can make great use of storage. Renting a commercial storage unit can even do away with the need to expand an office.


Most exterior painting projects are carried out while the weather is warm and welcoming. Some exterior painting companies essentially shut down for months at a time each year. Commercial storage units that allow a painting company’s assets to be kept safely for as long as might be needed can prove invaluable. There is rarely a more flexible way to accommodate such needs.


Whether they focus on residential work or commercial contracts, cleaning companies often end up needing more space. Renting one or more commercial storage units will allow cleaning supplies and tools to be stockpiled in highly affordable fashion.


Many would-be entrepreneurs find that the best way to get started is to launch an e-commerce site. That frequently gives rise to the need for a place to keep the products to be sold and shipped. Storage units quite often suit such requirements perfectly.


Even a popular catering company might go from serving a party with hundreds of guests one weekend to handling an intimate dinner the next. Being able to adapt so responsively requires having appropriate supporting equipment available at all times. Just as they frequently rely on commissary kitchens, successful caterers quite often use commercial storage solutions, as well. While companies of these kinds quite often benefit from the use of commercial storage solutions, there are plenty of others that do, as well. Almost any time a need for more space becomes apparent, it will pay to look into the available self-storage options.

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