5 Ways to Prepare for Your Next Business Trip Overseas

Traveling overseas for business is a serious undertaking, and it requires more preparation than traveling domestically. You need a passport, vaccinations, and knowledge of local customs before you go. You should also examine exchange rates, know how to pay for things abroad, and book your travel well in advance. Prepare for your next business trip overseas thoroughly so you don’t find yourself in another country without something you desperately need.

Make Sure Your Phone Will Work

Contact your phone service provider to find out if your smartphone plan includes international calling or data. If it doesn’t, you can usually purchase a package that will allow you to use your phone without incurring prohibitive data charges during the duration of your trip. Investigate how prevalent free Wi-Fi is in the country you’ll be visiting, too.

Research Your Destination


Look at the news and any safety alerts for the area you’re visiting. Research local customs and dress codes so you know what to expect. Business attire changes from country to country, as do polite customs. Even the typical American attitude of smiling and being friendly from the get-go doesn’t work in every country, and it won’t make sense to some of your foreign business connections. You might be surprised to learn that tipping when paying for a meal is impolite in some countries. It’s also a good idea to learn simple phrases in your host country’s language.

Visit Your Doctor

Before visiting some countries, you need to get vaccines for common diseases. You’ll also want to ask about altitude sickness, jet lag, and other travel-related problems. Your doctor might prescribe a sleep aid or an anti-nausea medication to help you transition to another time zone and get used to all the traveling you’ll be doing. It’s also a good idea to ensure that you’re physically healthy before you go overseas.

Investigate Medical Transportation Options

In many cases, your health insurance doesn’t cover you in other countries. Plus, when you’re sick or injured, you want to be treated in a hospital you recognize, not somewhere you might not even know the language. Join MedjetAssist for additional protection, such as emergency assistance around the world and medical transportation to your preferred hospital.

Organize Important Documents

important-documents-for-business-trip-overseasImage via Flickr by fdecomite

Do you need a travel or work visa to go on a business trip to another country? Is your passport current? Are all your travel arrangements in order, including your transportation and lodging? Even if you’ve invested in an overseas phone plan, take the time to print hard copies of your itinerary and travel information. You’ll need them if something goes wrong with your phone. Put all your travel documents in one folder, and keep it in the same place in your computer bag so you don’t lose it.

Good preparation helps you focus on the main reason you’re traveling: business. Get the worry and the stress out of the way before you go so your mind stays on the task at hand once you get there.

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