5 Office Renovations to Improve Workplace Productivity

5 Office Renovations to Improve Workplace Productivity
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If you have happy employees, then they do a better job. Many times, it is an office’s surroundings that paint the picture. If the workspace is old, dingy, crowded, etc., those issues can affect morale. If you’re looking for employees who enjoy going to work, feel inspired and give 100 percent, then consider an office renovation to rejuvenate the workplace and breathe new life into your company.

1. Open Layout

Come up with a new floorplan to utilize the dimensions of your office, and create an open layout that delivers a more welcoming space. Instead of placing workers into tiny cubicles, an open layout is all about employee connection, inclusiveness, and collaboration.

This modern design is more affordable for a company because the costs of partitions and walls aren’t an issue.

Not only does floor space matter in an office, but a neat, clean ceiling plays a key role. For instance, GRG access panels are a contemporary solution when there is no clearance to push a door up and in-wall applications when access to plumbing and electrical systems are needed.

2. Color Consideration

Color experts believe that certain shades are conducive to company productivity. If you’re looking for a dynamic workplace environment, then red boosts physical energy, and yellow inspires creativity.

The color green is positive for promoting relaxation and concentration among employees.

The shade of blue appears to signal productivity and stability and getting the job done. Feng shui experts, who use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment, agree about the power of the color blue. It represents the water element and is excellent for healing and growth.

3. Office Lighting

The way your office space is receiving light is another factor that can affect employee productivity. For example, if the lighting is dim, that can cause workers to develop eye strain, headaches and even take a mid-day snooze. However, harsh lighting isn’t any better and does not promote alertness or creativity.

The best kind of lighting for the office involves natural light. Windows are key, and if your company does not have access to a lot of windows to allow the sunlight in, then consider investing in a few skylights.

Natural lighting offers hormonal balance and an energy boost, according to psychologists.

4. Grow Greenery

It may sound kind of silly that having real plants around the office can boost worker morale and productivity, but apparently, greenery is a very good thing.

Not only do flowers and green leafy plants add appeal to your work environment, but science shows us that nature brought into interior spaces offers multiple benefits. One of these is cleaner air as you work. Plants not only purify the air but when they are present, employees become more creative and have a better attention span.

An English ivy plant is excellent for delivering better air circulation. The evergreen climbing vine doesn’t need much care but a little watering to keep the soil moist.

5. Healthy Snacking

Another way to inspire employees to be productive on the job is by offering brain fuel to maintain sharp and focused minds and satisfied bellies. Healthy snacks are a great method for keeping your office team going for the long haul.

Some bosses put out fresh fruit, yogurt, bottles of water, snack bars, cookies, popcorn and other yummy treats for workers to grab when they need an energy boost or to satisfy a craving.

People love free food and drinks and perform better on the job when edibles are available. Snacks are a great employee perk and are a simple way to have workers feel appreciated while putting in an 8-hour day or longer.

Every company both large or small hopes for employees who put in a productive day of work, and many times, small office renovations can encourage an energetic team of workers. When your environment has some of the comforts of home coupled with a business’s professional image, the balance pays off. Employees want to have space, work in welcoming surroundings, be able to communicate and collaborate with fellow workers and feel comfortable in a healthy atmosphere.

Hannah is a graduate of the University of Washington in Marketing and English. With dreams of becoming a professional novelist, she also enjoy taking care of her dogs and helping out on her parent’s farm. She loves to read and enjoys cuddling up to a good movie. If you are looking to renovate your office to help with workplace productivity, Hannah recommends investing in GRG access panels to help protect any important wires and chords, while also maintaining a clean and safe office space.

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