5 Must Have Apps for Active Lifestyles in 2016

Just because you own a small business doesn’t mean you can’t be healthy. If you currently have an active lifestyle or want one, here are five must have apps for active lifestyles in 2016. There’s no need to download bulky software either. Instead, you can download an app straight to your smartphone. With the help of companies such as ArcTouch, Zapporoo, and Savvyapps, that allow the entrepreneur to take the front seat in design and creation; it’s no wonder why it’s an industry that is taking off. The following examples are apps that promote an active lifestyle for today’s most adventurous consumers.



Ever finished a workout still feeling energized? The reason could be that you are not keeping up with the tempo that the program had intended. Fitnet is an app that helps with reaching your fitness goals. It achieves this by using the camera on your smart phone to measure how well you are keeping up with the workout. By providing real time feedback, Fitnet ensures that you are always improving. Finally, a use for your camera that’s not related to taking selfies!



One of the most helpful mobile apps for joggers is MapMyRun, which tracks your fitness activities through GPS. Not only will it track a route you traveled, it will also document all of your work out details such as duration, distance, page, elevation and calories burned.

You can upload the information to the cloud so that you can refer to your history anytime or anywhere. You can also share this information with friends on social networks. It’s useful for setting physical fitness goals and gauging how well you are meeting them. This app works with iPhone, Android and Blackberry.



Charity Miles:

Charity Miles is an app that combines exercise and charity all into one. With the help of charitable donations from corporate sponsors, Charity Miles donates 25 cents for every mile traveled by foot and 10 cents for every mile biked. As the miles add up, you are able to make a big difference for your favorite charity. Just another reason to get outside and burn some calories!



Fooducate is a helpful app that can set you on a better path to making healthier lifestyle choices. This informative food tool can help you lose weight, eat healthier food and increase your motivation.

Simply use your smartphone to scan bar codes on food products and the app will serve you with a breakdown of nutritional information. Fooducate will give you a grade from A to D on the product’s nutritional value based on the ingredients. Products that use real food with minimal processing get the higher grades. It’s great for tracking your progress on making healthy choices.




Ever get the impression that the symptoms found by WebMD and searching on Google might be a little over the top? iTriage is an app developed by two ER doctors that try and take out some of the guess work when it comes to diagnosing an illness or injury. The app asks a series of questions to try and pinpoint the problem. Once the problem is narrowed down to a few different possibilities, it then aids with a plan of action.

Have any suggestions for Apps that help with your active lifestyle? Comment below!

Vince is a lifelong fan of all things electronic. When he is not home with his wife and kids, he enjoys an active lifestyle of hiking, golf and fishing. He is also an accomplished musician with over 15 years of teaching experience.

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