5 Crucial Considerations for Your Brand’s Packaging

“Make a good first impression.” It’s a cliche, but it’s still incredibly important especially when it comes to packaging. And since more than 80% of the information our brain receives comes through our eyes, how your product looks to a prospective customer can make a powerful statement.

The look and feel of your product packaging can be almost as important as the look of the product itself. So here are a five tips on putting beauty in the eye of the beholder.



Minimalism is trendy these days. Minimizing visual stimuli will draw attention to what’s on the package. It’s like getting closer to hear a whisper—the customer will become curious why you’ve stripped out all the extra fluff, and focus more intently on what’s left. So keep it simple.



At a basic level, you’re trying to make the customer feel something. Sure, you want them to feel like they want to buy the product, but that’s a side effect, not the treatment itself. Try to make them feel something else first: “That’s exciting!” “I could really use that…” “None of my friends have this,” “Hey, I’ve been looking for one of these!” If you can evoke an emotional response with your packaging, you’re more likely to provoke a monetary response from their wallets.



“They’re pretty much the same, right?” is a question you probably don’t want to hear when someone compares your product to a competitor. If you want to beat the competition, you have to stand out from the competition. Make your packaging memorable. Make it unique enough that it’s easily distinguished from its peers. Mascots, for example, are often effective—you’ll never mistake Frosted Flakes for Lucky Charms. Be creative, and if you need help, consult a custom packaging company to help you get the job done. An experienced designer can help you put together a design that pleases the eye and provokes the wallet.


Use the Right Words

You only have so much space on the package, so when you’re composing copy, be picky about the words. The English language has a lot of good words that say just the right thing, but you don’t want to pontificate either, so strike a balance. And keep in mind you may need to be bilingual on the package; U.S. packaging frequently incorporates Spanish, and Canadian packaging is legally required to include French. Leave room for a second language if needed.


Let Them See the Product

As a general rule, you want to show as much of the product as you can. There are a few exceptions (Blu-Rays and music CDs obviously don’t benefit much from displaying the storage media). For most products, however, customers like to know what they’re getting. So use a window, clear packaging, or some other method to let your potential buyers have a peek at the merchandise.

Creating packaging for your product may seem daunting, but coming up with a winning design is possible. Know your product, study your competition, and be creative. If you give it the weight it deserves, you’re bound to build a brand you can be proud of.


Megan Shockley is a passionate writer who loves helping businesses learn how to succeed. She works with Wasatch Container, an elite custom packaging company in Salt Lake City. Megan also has a passion for the great outdoors and can be found exploring the beautiful landscapes of Utah at any chance she gets.   

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