4 Ways Focusing on Your Employees Will Grow Your Business in 2021

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*This post is brought to you by our sponsor, Premera Blue Cross. The opinions expressed below are my own.*

As a small business owner operating during a pandemic, growing your company may be the furthest thing from your mind, but it’s possible. It’s not about expanding your product line or a new sales promotion. The key to growth is focusing on your most valuable resources: your employees. If you work hard for them, they will work hard for you. Here are 4 ways focusing on your employees will grow your business in 2021.

1. Help your employees alleviate stress.

Premera Blue Cross recently completed a study of 1,000 Washington workers to understand how current circumstances have affected their work and attitudes about their health and healthcare needs. One key finding was that employees are stressed. 37% of respondents say their mental health has declined due to COVID-19. Premera Blue Cross compiled this and other results into a full white paper that provides tips on how you can better support your employees, like finding ways to help them feel less stressed.

You can also include your employees in the planning by taking a poll on what helps them reduce stress throughout their day. Then compile these wellness tips into a list that you distribute making sure to give credit to each employee who shared. One thing that helps my team is to have a morning routine that gets started well before the workday. Starting the day with tea, journaling and looking over my schedule helps me clear my mind and feel more prepared for what’s ahead.

4 Ways Focusing on Your Employees Will Grow Your Business in 2021 - Help Your Employees Alleviate Stress

As a business owner, another way you can help your employees alleviate stress is by offering flexible health plans, like the ones from Premera Blue Cross, that offer virtual therapy as a benefit. That way, your employees can speak to a professional whenever they need rather than bringing that stress into their workday. For more information about post-pandemic business resilience and to see how Premera Blue Cross can make a difference for you and your employees, check out the full white paper.

2. Encourage healthy activities at home.

Since most employees are working from home, why not inspire them to engage in healthy activities while they’re there? Though you’re unable to hold a company offsite retreat, you can encourage health and wellness at home. For example, you could partner with local health facilities that offer at-home workouts. Premera Blue Cross, for instance, partners with the Industrious gym to offer their employees the mobile app. Turn it into a team building activity by posting weekly fitness goals and asking employees to submit photos of themselves and their families participating in the activity.

Encourage healthy activities at home.

3. Offer opportunities for your employees’ skills to shine at work.

Our time is dominated now with online meetings about projects that need to be completed, client engagements to increase sales, and other potentially stressful online meet-ups. Rather than making virtual meetings a source of stress for your employees, consider adding virtual activities that allow them to show off their skills. If you have an employee that excels at public speaking, let them put together the next agenda and lead the meeting.

Offer opportunities for your employees’ skills to shine at work.

You don’t have to showcase only professional skills. Perhaps you have an employee with a green thumb. They could lead a virtual lunch and teach about caring for plants at home.

Let your employees showcase their personal skills

Got a home chef on your team? Let them lead a cooking demo with easy to find ingredients. Have the staff follow along at home online and then come together for a virtual group lunch. It’s team building at home. Events like these can also help your employees feel valued and acknowledged by showing you care about them as a whole person, not just about the work they produce.

Got a home chef on your team? Let them lead a cooking demo with easy to find ingredients.

4. Choose a health plan that will grow with your company to meet employee needs.

In Premera Blue Cross’ study, 94.3% of respondents stated they were concerned about their healthcare benefits. As your workforce grows, so will the needs of your employees. They need a wide range of options, like flexible access for emergencies. Premera Blue Cross offers plans with exclusive access to advanced primary care centers. While the average wait time to see a family medical doctor is 29 days, Premera Blue Cross’ Vivacity Care Center offers same-day, next-day, and virtual visits. This ensures that your employees can quickly address any minor health needs or get early detection of more serious health conditions.

These services don’t have to break your budget. Health plan providers, like Premera Blue Cross, partner with providers to offer you accessible, affordable plans with savings you can pass on to your employees.  This includes offering holistic plans that include medical, dental, and vision benefits. Premera Blue Cross will help you craft a health plan that best meets your employees’ needs, one that offers only the services and providers employees use most. This allows you to decrease your employer costs without decreasing your employees’ benefits.

Happy employees are productive employees.

Happy employees are productive employees.

Check out Premera’s latest white paper about Post-Pandemic Business Resilience to learn how Premera Blue Cross business solutions can make a difference for you and your employees. Making sure you offer health options and health plans that meet your employees’ needs will help increase retention and boost your bottom line. Here’s to growth in 2021.

*This post is brought to you by our sponsor, Premera Blue Cross. The opinions expressed here are my own.*

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