4 Reasons Why Reverse Osmosis Is So Prominent

Clean water is the driving force of life. Be that here on earth or in the cosmos. When determining whether an exoplanet can harbour life, the first question scientists ask is, “Does it have liquid water?” Early humans had no choice but to seek out fresh water wherever it naturally occurred. Once we moved from a nomadic hunter gatherer lifestyle into settlements and eventually cities, one of the first major issues was clean water. The question was not on how we find clean water, but on how do we clean water. This is where the advent of reverse osmosis water treatment comes into play. So where and how do we use the system and why is this process so important?

#1 The Invisible Enemy

A traditional water filter will certainly clean water from a visual, smell and taste perspective – unfortunately, that is not enough. In most cases, you simply cannot see, smell or taste what it is that makes you sick. The prominent factors in disease exist on a microscopic level. So how do you clean what you can’t see? It’s not like you can just pour isopropyl alcohol in every glass and let people drink away, can you? Enter reverse osmosis water treatment. By making use of a semi-permeable membrane and a pressurised mechanism to filter out contaminants such as heavy metals, chemicals and other unwanted materials, it allows only clean water to find its way through the membrane.

#2 Industrial Use

In different industries, especially those that make commodities like chemicals, paper, metals and food, water is a key element. Through a reverse osmosis (RO) water system, water can be produced and then processed again after being used. In the automotive industry, for example, where water is needed in producing a car, the resulting wastewater which contains harmful chemicals, oils and grease, among others, may damage the environment and even the main water system. Reverse Osmosis can clean the wastewater so that the harmful waste products are extracted from it and disposed of properly. The now clean water can then be reused in the production process.  Reverse osmosis is also especially useful for power plant operators as it provides a reliable water treatment solution.

#3 City Life

Without the use of reverse osmosis technology, our water would be full of certain impurities and bacteria, making it increasingly difficult to live in close proximity to one another on a macro scale. It may be unthinkable to live in cities, especially long-term. The increasing number of inhabitants mean that there will be an increasing need and use of water as well. For a city to thrive, among the important things it has to have is clean water to ensure the survival of its residents.

#4 Personal Hygiene

Another great thing about reverse osmosis is taking a shower. Have you ever been in a hotel or at a mate’s house, hopped in the shower and noticed the shower head is covered in what looks like salt? That’s a result of calcium build up along with other factors and leads to “hard water”. It can be very uncomfortable and can irritate your skin among other things. An RO system doesn’t only address this problem but also filters out impurities and bacteria on a molecular level, ensuring that your water is as clean and free of all manner of contaminants before it reaches you, your glass or your food. Reverse osmosis brings a lot of benefits to us and to the world we are in. Industrial processes are made easier, safer, and even cheaper as little energy is needed, making operating costs relatively low. Modern living is also made safer and more convenient with technological advancements such as this.

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