4 Reasons to Use a Virtual Phone System for Your Small Business

Provide a seamless and customized experience for your customers with a virtual phone system app on your smartphone. Now you can expertly manage your customer calls even with one or two employees. The virtual phone app can link multiple phones and separate business and personal calls. Below are four benefits to consider.

4 Reasons to Use a Virtual Phone System for Your Small Business

#1 Add a Local or 800 Phone Number

Adding a toll free number for business can increase the credibility and reputation of your small business. Toll-free area codes include 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, 877 and 888. The number can spell out your company name or product just like a larger nation-wide business.

Maybe adding a local phone number, for the market you serve, better instills trust in your clients. Another possibility is a vanity phone number with a local area code to enhance your business brand as part of your marketing plan.

#2 Record a Professional or Playful Greeting

Customize your voicemail greetings to delight your customers. Record a short and professional voicemail message greeting or show your fun side with a creative voicemail greeting. Below are some quirky voicemail greetings.

  • Athletic Trainer – Hello. You have reached 1-800-SIX-PACK. We are busy crunching our abs. Hang up and call back after completing 50 sit-ups. Text us a video and weโ€™ll call back when we know you are serious about working out.
  • Restaurant – Greetings! This is the Never Get A Reservation Restaurant located conveniently downtown with no parking. We donโ€™t have any free tables this evening but if you beg in your message, we might reconsider.
  • Real Estate Agent – (Heavy British Accent) Hullo! Beatrix here from Luxury Homes International. Our SHED-uals are quite tight so leave us a message and weโ€™ll call back promptly from the Mo-Bile. Cheers!

#3: Enhance Your Customer Response Capabilities

Marry the power of your smartphone with the features offered by a virtual phone app. An app can automatically answer frequent customer questions and track customer data for download later. You can make the choice to text customer messages when calling is inconvenient. A virtual phone app offers another opportunity to connect with your customers and capture their data.

#4 Eliminate Poor Phone Audio

Voice over IP (VoIP) phones that use Wi-Fi or another internet connection often sound choppy. It forces callers to repeat their requests or get frustrated and hang up.

Alternatively, most cell carriers offer 4G and soon 5G wireless service with a clear and reliable signal. Unlike many Wi-Fi connections, cellular phone service provides better security.

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