4 Highly Effective Email Marketing Workflows for Startups

Has your startup already built up a database of leads or customers to market its products? Most startups are fully aware of how powerful an email list can be – but to truly tap into its potential you need to nurture it and can’t afford to let it sit dormant.

Email marketing workflows are an essential part of nurturing a list of subscribers. The workflows that you set up will automate the emails – allowing you to personalize them and send the right emails at the right time.

While there are many possible workflows out there – there are some in particular that have been proven to be highly effective:

  • Welcome email

The welcome email is a basic and venerable workflow that is triggered when someone subscribes. Don’t let its simplicity deceive you however, as it is arguably one of the most important email marketing workflows.

Simply put the welcome email is all about making a good first impression. In addition to thanking the recipient for subscribing and welcoming them, it should also provide a taste of what’s to come.

The focus should be on giving subscribers something of value, whether it is links to highly-rated content that may be useful to them, coupons, or anything else.

  • Engaged lead emails

Some subscribers will attentively consume the content that you send out via email, or that is on your website. In today’s social-driven world it is crucial that your startup capitalize on these engaged leads, and target emails specifically to them.

Typically engaged lead emails have a variety of triggers, such as lots of website visits, numerous email link clicks, or interactions on social media. It is up to you to decide the threshold for these triggers by basing it on what you consider to be an engaged lead.

Because engaged leads are more likely to consume, share, and react to your content on social media it is important that you distribute your top posts to them and get them involved. In turn that will help increase visibility for your startup and its content.

  • Dormant subscriber emails

On the opposite end of the spectrum, sending emails to dormant subscribers can give them a reason to come back and re-engage. The workflow can trigger off any indication that a subscriber has gone dormant, such as the time since their last website visit or email link click.

To encourage dormant subscribers to re-engage you will need to provide them with a compelling incentive. While links to useful content may work, it is best to up the ante and send them exclusive offers or coupons that they can take advantage of.

Try to personalize these emails and make them more exciting based on the type of content the subscribers have engaged with in the past.

  • Product launch emails

As your startup gears up to launch its product or service, you’ll want to use a workflow that engages your subscribers and gets them interested. In this case there is often no initial trigger, and it can be initiated a few days (or weeks) prior to the launch.

An effective product launch email workflow uses triggers to refine the emails that it sends out, based on how subscribers engage with them. If a subscriber clicks on the links and views the content that you’re sending you can follow-up more aggressively, whereas if they don’t you can try a different approach.

As you may have noticed, the workflows listed above perform best when they are personalized and trigger off multiple events. That is why you need to find a tool such as the email automation platform from SendPulse that will let you set up the workflow and possibly leverage other communication channels.

By nurturing its list, your startup will be able to leverage it far more effectively – translating it into increased visibility, conversions, sales, and more. All that starts by setting up effective email marketing workflows.

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  2. Great stuff Nathan, especially engaged lead emails. These types of emails definitely get more shares and likes.

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