4 Helpful Tips for Improving Your Ecommerce Store

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If you have an eCommerce shop or are at least planning to open up one in the near future, then it’s very important to understand that the customer journey immediately begins right when they discover your business. The customer journey tends to be something that often gets overlooked, but you’ll want to avoid that at all costs. If a customer is having a bad experience when navigating or even trying to do some shopping on your website, you can safely assume that it can only get worse. 

You want your business to have a great reputation and you want customers to continue coming back for more. There are thankfully some tips for improving your eCommerce website for the sake of giving a positive customer journey.  

Make your website mobile-friendly

Most likely, your customers are not checking out your website through their laptops. More and more people are choosing to do their shopping on their mobile phones. That’s why it’s so crucial to have a mobile-friendly version of your website. You want to make customers have the easiest time possible whenever they’re browsing your website. Just having a mobile-friendly version of your website is immediately a clear indicator of how important the customers are.The number of mobile users is just going to grow, so you’re better off immediately making your website as mobile-friendly as possible. If you’re needing help with that, you could hire a web developer or even check out builder website templates as those can help as well.

Offer free shipping

Believe it or not, the words “free shipping”  seem to be a couple of magical words for shoppers. Did you know that many shoppers will end their experience solely on the fact shipping is too pricey? There may have been a few times where you probably did that too, right? Offering free shipping is going to make customers happy about carrying on their purchase and it’s also going to make them believe that they’re getting a great discount since they’re not having to pay for shipping. So this could be something to consider if your profitable business is selling physical goods.

Multiple payment options

Another reason why many shoppers will end their experience and will have an abandoned cart would be the fact that there aren’t enough payment methods. Your payment gateway should be smooth, seamless, and offer multiple payments such as PayPal, credit card, and others. If you’re also aiming at selling products to international sellers, then you’ll want to have their payment methods available as well.

Add search bar to your site

A lot of customers whenever they’re virtual shopping will immediately jump to the search bar. They don’t have time or energy to sort through everything that’s listed, they have something specific in mind and they’re wanting to purchase that.  So it’s best that you have a search bar where a customer can immediately find it and use it. The sooner a customer finds the search bar, the sooner they can make their purchase from your eCommerce shop.

Know When To Offer Up Sales

People will be more curious about what you have to offer when you give them a reason to look. If you offer up sales regularly, then you’re either going to look amateurish and desperate, or you’re going to look a little boring. A sale every now and again can really get the juice flowing in many people’s brains. Just make sure you calculate everything properly so that you’re not making things worse for yourself. If you’re selling on the likes of eBay, then the ebay fee calculator could work wonders for you as you figure out the numbers. 

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