3 Ways You Improve and Protect Your Cleaning Business

A janitorial or cleaning business can earn a person a good living. But, there are liabilities and potential problems that must be dealt with. Having a good business plan and working procedures that avoid liability or worker injuries are good as a start. Carrying janitorial services insurance is another important step. A combination of good business practices and a customized business insurance policy is important. There are at least three ways to improve and protect a cleaning business.

1. Finding The Right Insurance

No matter how well a business owner plans, and what precautions are taken, things can go wrong. That is why every business owner must have the correct insurance. Janitorial or cleaning companies can turn to special companies for a customized set of insurance coverages. Go online to sites such as Garrity-Insurance.com/janitorial-services-insurance-massachusetts to check on the types of coverage to get.

Some coverage types might include general liability, professional liability, commercial property coverage, umbrella liability coverage, and commercial auto coverage for company vehicles. Meeting with several insurance company agents and getting insurance quotes to compare is a good start. When a company owner settles on an insurance company, that company agent might have recommendations and requirements for company procedures and safety measures.

2. Setting Up or Reorganizing A Company

When setting up a janitorial or cleaning service company, planning is everything. What kind of clients will the company serve? Will it be a residential service or a commercial service? Choose a limited cleaning type. What will the price structure be? Checking out the competition for prices may be helpful. The company must be competitive while making enough money to succeed. What are the best cleaning products and equipment to use? Concentrate on products that are safe and effective.

Who will work for the company? There should be a hiring process that includes background checks. Will the employees need cleaning experience or will the company train them? Planning the cleaning process is important. A specific cleaning plan listing jobs to do and the order to do them in will help employees perform better and faster.

Getting advice on safety procedures and policies is also important. No one wants lawsuits over property damage or employee injury. Consider improvement in areas such as scheduling jobs, work order management, ordering inventory, managing the budget, inspections, employee management and records, and printing reports and invoices.

3. Plan For the Future

Take the time to know what current and future trends might be. For instance, customers may start demanding better, more environmentally friendly cleaning products. Check out resources to help cleaning companies go green.

Improve company marketing efforts and start networking. Networking involves relationships with suppliers, clients, an accountant, and other people who may lead to more business opportunities. It can also involve business owner efforts such as attending trade shows, joining community organizations, and taking part in or contributing to community events.

Some businesses have all the customers they need, but most businesses need to keep looking for ways to get new customers with advertising and other strategies. A cleaning business owner can partner with similar businesses so they refer clients to each other. For instance, the cleaning company can partner with a landscape service, a window washing company, a realtor, or others.

It may be beneficial to make a point of ensuring customer security with background checks and other policies to make them feel safe. Keeping a company’s reputation spotless and advertising that point can be an advantage in marketing.

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