3 Ways to Take Your Construction Business to the Next Level

Take Your Construction Business to the Next Level

Do you want to take your construction business to the next level? If so, there are several ways that you can bring your organization into the future.

1. Invest in Construction Estimating Software

Estimating software for construction allows the collection of programs, processes, and information used to calculate the total cost of a construction project to be all in one place. You’ll be able to plan your projects faster; using accurate building costs, you can plan your budget. 

Construction estimating software comes with a primary estimating tool. This allows you to add quickly, edit, and share your price proposals with your clients. You can create line-by-line estimates in your software. Also, you can maintain your existing building constructions with schedules and detailed costs.

You’ll be able to avoid redesign on your construction project using construction estimating software. With the software, you will be able to align designs with the client’s needs and budget, which helps avoid having to re-do parts of your construction project. You’ll also be able to build square foot models quickly and accurately. These models will be the foundation of your construction project and can also be shown to the client to get approval before starting to build.

Construction estimating software comes with access to cloud-based estimating software 24/7 on desktop or mobile device. This database allows you to search the database by keyword and pin frequently used items. You can view detailed price breakdowns, including material, labor, equipment, and productivity. The database is set up, so you receive automatic quarterly cost updates. Also, you’ll be able to follow price trends and set alerts when there is a change.

2. Embrace New Technology

Construction businesses need to embrace new technology to stay ahead in the industry. You will also want to keep up with what new technologies are going to become pertinent to your business. Doing so will help your employees do their job more efficiently and continue to stay relevant.

GPS Technology

One technology that is becoming essential in construction is the use of GPS. GPS One technology that is becoming essential in construction is the use of GPS. GPS technology can help your construction business in-field productivity. You can use GPS to track crew deployment in real-time, including the number of active working hours for each team member.

Some GPS tools allow you to track your employees by analyzing data from wearable GPS devices.  Other devices will require workers to enter data about their activities and hours into a mobile device.

Construction companies are finding this technology helpful when managing project staffing and as a way to monitor on-site productivity. Your foreman can retrieve data on actual projected hours, budgeted hours, and remaining hours.

GPS technology will also help you when with quality control. New applications can help managers inspect remote sites by providing pictures and image tags. Using GPS related to transportation can increase the accuracy of project specifications, increase efficiency and accuracy during on-site execution.

Mobile Applications

Construction companies are starting to utilize the use of mobile applications. These applications can help you with design management. Using a mobile platform, you will be able to update your blueprints from anywhere. You no longer have to wait till you get back to your office to make changes to documents. Your project documents can be updated while you are on-site via your mobile platform. Having access to your documents at any time will allow you to stay on top of your construction and not fall behind on your projected completion date.

Mobile applications will help with contract management. You can update contracts, collect information from clients, and communicate with contractors all through a mobile application on your smartphone, tablet, or other device.

Also, mobile applications can be used to manage your performance. You have the ability to update and share information in the field. Some performance dashboards can automatically import field data.

Mobile applications will allow you to manage your documents from anywhere. You will be able to upload documents, track changes to them, etc. via one central platform on the mobile application.

These are only a few new technologies that you should start to use in your construction business. It is crucial for you to keep up with the trends in technology in hopes of staying ahead of your competition in the industry.

3. Use a BIM Program

Building Information Modeling (BIM) uses 3-D modeling to streamline the plan and design of buildings and infrastructure. You’ll be able to create computer representations of buildings, roads, and utilities to help in the visualization and planning stages.

BIM will help you budget for your construction jobs. You will be able to predict the cost of your construction job. Predicting the prices for your construction project through a streamlined plan using a 3-D model can help you reduce costs. The computer representation of the building will have accurate dimensions leading to less material waste and loss of product.

Using Building Information Modeling, you will be able to accurately show how building materials and structures will shape-up over time. With the 3-D model of the future construction site, you will also be able to increase your ability to collaborate. The design of the building can easily be changed and adjusted depending on how the plans change before the project begins.

A Final Note

Embrace the future in the construction industry and bring your construction business to the next level with these three tips. Stay up with the current technology trends in construction to make sure you are always one step ahead of the competition. Technology is the future in the industry, and you will want to incorporate as much of it as you can into your business.

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