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Although the recession that plagued the world in 2008 is slowly coming to an end, many people are still very quite wary of investing in the stock market. Because of the volatility in the stock market, many people lost their fortunes in the last recession. These people would of had a much easier time of things if they had considered alternative investments rather than the completely speculative and sometimes valueless investments that the stock market had to offer.

Below are just a few of the ways in which the average person can bet without having to speculate in the stock market.

One – Classic cars

Classic cars have long been a way for individuals to hold the value of their money as well as increase it with the right aftermarket parts. There is always a market for classic cars that have been refurbished, so the investment is almost as good as liquid. Contrary to popular belief, classic cars that have been refurbished do not actually lose their value; as a matter of fact, they tend to gain value depending on the quality of the job.

There are many international shows and methods of valuing a classic cars so that you can determine the worth of an investment that you plan on undertaking before buying the first part. Unlike the stock market, you will be able to see exactly how much money you stand to make at the beginning of the process.

Two – Investment artwork

High-level artwork is also a great way to invest money so that it holds value with the potential for exponential gain. Like classic cars, there is always a market for investment artwork, so you will always be able to sell it in an emergency. You can locate other buyers through exclusive networks that many upper end art studios can help you get into.

Many people believe that you can only invest in high-level artwork if you have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend. This may be true of some artists who have a large body of work, are extremely famous already or have passed away, but there are plenty of artists who are still alive whose artwork has not yet accrued to that value. The average person will be able to invest in this level of artwork without needing an incredible amount of money. As a matter of fact, if the right investment is made, those investments can increase in value exponentially over time.

Three – Collectible cards

Believe it or not, collectible cards such as Pokémon and sports teams can serve as an incredible investment. Baseball cards, which reached their height in value during the late 1990s, are considered by many investment experts such as Cydcor as a great purchase in the current market. Cards also tend to follow the whims of the stock market, so if you miss investing in securities but you do not trust the stock market, collectible cards are perhaps the best way to go.

Do not believe that you are stuck having to invest in companies that you know nothing about in the traditional stock market. There are plenty of alternative investments that you can consider, even beyond the ones that have been mentioned above.

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