3 Tips For Copywriters working with Graphic Designers

Wordsmith, writer, copy maker, word wizard, whatever you or others call yourself you are the master of all words, you are a copywriter. But every copywriter knows that every copywriter’s right hand man and partner in crime is the graphic designer. The majority of copywriters work side by side with a graphic designer to complete the perfect product. Your job could not be done without the image that stands behind your words, so it is key that you and your graphic designer are in tune and always on the same wave length. Here are three tips you need when working with your graphic designer:

Your meetings: Depending on where you and the graphic designer work from and the project you want to schedule meetings based on this information. The more you meet the better it is for both of your final products. Request a possible sample of the image(s) or product that you working with and have your copy prepared and ready for the meeting, if not a general idea you want. Don’t forget to bring your own computer to work on!

Accept input and give input: Copywriters and graphic designers are creative people. Creative people tend to have different ideas and views on what is considered a good piece. This is what makes these occupations so fun. However, it can get messy if both are not open to critiques. As an artist you must always be open to ideas, suggestions and tweaks. Have a positive and team work like rapport with your partner. It will make the project go smoother for everyone!

Have fun: This is a no brainer. When you are feeling frustrated and bogged down remember that you aren’t sitting behind a desk of a stuffy company. Creating copy and putting it with an image can be very fun. Use your creative brain and throw around different ideas and bounce them off each other. Use your graphic designer to your benefit and vice versa.

It’s a team effort when it comes to copy writing, your words are not as powerful as when they are paired with an image. Whether it’s a creative layout, image or logo, your graphic designer is there to aid and guide your words for the reader. It’s like peanut butter and jelly, they just don’t work as well without each other.


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